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Hyperventilation Treatment – A Drug Free Alternative
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Are you struggling to deal with hyperventilation? If you are not inclined to take prescription drugs but want to find a natural alternative then read on….

One of the main reasons that hyperventilation, sometimes described as over breathing, occurs is stress & anxiety. If your life is so full that you hardly have a minute to relax you may find yourself in a vicious circle, the more you panic about getting an attack the more it is likely to happen.

When looking for Hyperventilation Treatment it is useful to understand why they occur, even if we realize it is a common problem it doesn't make it any less frightening when it happens.

I am sure you know that as we breathe we take in oxygen then exhale carbon dioxide.

When our breathing becomes too fast it reduces the level of carbon dioxide in the blood, leading to the symptoms associated with hyperventilation.

Do any of these sound these familiar?

• Having trouble breathing

• Getting pins & needles

• Cold hands & feet

• Cramp

• Unable to swallow

• Feeling dizzy, lightheaded or woozy

• Difficulty getting to sleep

• Muscles aching

Hyperventilating is a condition associated with panic attacks & usually lasts anything up to 30 minutes. When you reach a point of feeling unable to cope with the pressure of your busy day, or get the feeling that you just can't juggle any more balls in the air, this is the time an attack is most likely to happen.

How to help yourself

When you feel yourself starting to hyperventilate you need to raise the level of carbon dioxide in your blood.

  • Try breathing through your lips as if you are blowing a candle out. Another thing to try is to cover one nostril & your mouth, breathing out through the other nostril.
  • If you have somebody with you that is aware that you are prone to attacks, it is helpful of they can try to help you relax & provide reassurance that you are not having a heart attack or going to die. This is not over dramatizing as those of you that have experienced this will know that these fears become very real when hyperventilating.

Over time, you can help yourself by trying to manage your time effectively, take some me time out of your busy schedule to:

  • Learn some breathing exercises
  • Take regular exercise – anything you enjoy, even a walk in the park will be beneficial
  • Try not to think about your breathing – If you struggle to sleep because you can't think of anything else then take your mind of it by reading a book or listening to the radio.

It is possible to find a drug free Hyperventilation Treatment, an alternative natural technique that will help you get back in control & make a huge impact on your life.

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