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Mindfulness And Anxiety
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Mindfulness And Anxiety

Anxiety is an uncomfortable feeling of unease that can can develop into personal fear and worry. Recently certain medical experts have put mindfulness and anxiety together as a possible cure for this condition. Anxiety that leads to fear/worry will finally develop into tension that runs through your whole body and this is not the only physical downside to anxiety. You may also suffer from pains across the chest, sweaty conditions and increased breathing.

So how is mindfulness and anxiety related and how can mindfulness help with our anxiety - it helps to know why we feel anxious in the first place. The brain constantly sends messages through our nerves to many different parts of the body when anxiety hits and this brings about the physical symptoms of anxiety. When this happens adrenaline is naturally released into the body - this causes the uncomfortable sensations paired with anxiety.

Mindfulness and anxiety is linked to avoidance - by this I mean the avoidance we use after we have encountered an experience that has put us in an anxious position. If we encounter a public situation where we initially end up slightly embarrassing ourselves we of course feel a little embarrassed but also feel a degree of anxiousness. This anxiousness will multiply tenfold with severe anxiety suffers and they will avoid the place and situation for evermore afterwards. Mindfulness will direct us to face the place and situation as soon as possible after a 'bad' incident.

Mindfulness and anxiety teaches us to go to our bad experience instead of trying our best to avoid the experience. Different states of mind lead to many different anxiety situations and mindfulness can teach us how to deal with these states of mind and the uncomfortable feeling that comes with them. Mindfulness has the ability ( if used correctly ) to prove to us that we can actually choose how to react in these situations that cause anxiety. How we respond is crucial in the outcome of anxious situations.

People try many different 'fad' therapies to deal with their anxiety but most of them tend to fizzle out when the first few negative cases appear. Mindfulness seems to be going very strong with very little negative reaction. It is actually a mix of Buddhism and yoga and anxiety is not the only disorder it is being used for. Mindfulness and anxiety are being linked together with positive results so if you suffer from panic attacks or anxiety, why don't you give it a try?

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