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Overcoming Panic Attacks
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Overcoming panic attacks is possible and it can be done by anyone.

First you must understand what panic attacks are and where they can come from. Panic attacks by definition are episodes of intense fear that happen rapidly and are usually of brief duration. Symptoms include: a feeling that you are going to die, hot/cold flashes, rapid heart beat, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, chest pains, numbness, and trouble breathing; however this is only a limited list and other symptoms can be experienced. Panic attacks have been known to be influenced by several factors, some of which include: substance abuse, medication, traumatic events, medical conditions, a passive personality, genetics, and pyschological factors.

A lot of panic attacks are triggered by factors that you can remove from your environment. First avoid stimulating substances such as caffiene and nicotine. Second if you find that you are having the panic attack in relation to taking a certain medication ask your doctor to switch you to an alternative. Third if you suffer panic attacks after you were passive in a certain situation when you should have been more agressive, you might want to look into ways to boost your confidence. Fourth you need to watch what you eat. Panic attacks have been shown to be caused by nutritional deficiencies, and it is important to have a well balanced diet. Fifth, if a certain situation or object triggers the panic attack, you may want to avoid it, or seek professional help to overcome your fear of this external factor. Finally it is important to keep your stress levels down. If you feel yourself getting stressed out during a certain incident or throughout the day, take a breather and step back from the situation to allow yourself time to calm down and reduce your stress levels.

So what if you still have a panic attack after trying these six things, what can you do to overcome it? The best thing you can do is to not panic about having the panic attack. You know it is about to occur, you've felt the same symptoms and had the same thoughts before so do not fight it, let it come. Take a deep breath in and let it out. Concentrate on your breathing and think to yourself everything is ok, but don't just think this, believe it. Accept the panic attack and know that you can deal with it. Do not question yourself with, "why is this happening to me", just accept it; when you try to fight it and you do not beat it right away you will cause yourself to be more fearful and this will fuel the panic attack. Look around at others that may be around you. If they are not panicing and appear unfrightened, feed off them. If they have nothing to be scared of then why do you? It is important to also remember that no one has ever died from a panic attack and you will not either. Finally let the fear pass and remember that soon you will be able to say, "I beat it". This will give you confidence that you can beat the attacks everytime and that you are in control, not the panic attack.

Self help for panic attacks can work for you if you allow it to, but ultimately you have to be the one to decide enough is enough and you can beat this. If you follow these self help for panic attacks tips you will have a good head start in living a happier and healthier life and overcoming your panic attacks.

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