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Slowing Down To Move Forward
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Slowing Down To Move Forward

Can it really be possible to be more productive, more successful by slowing down? This concept doesn't seem to add up quite right. Especially if we our work is competitive and there are ladders to climb. I don't know many people that would argue against the fact that we need to take care of ourselves, relieve some sort of anxiety, in order to continue down our path for the long haul.

Many people though get lost in the race to get ahead, at almost any cost to their health. Sometimes it even takes a considerable tragedy to pass in order to get that wakeup call from our bodies and minds telling us, "Hey, I'm dying here!"

The obvious solution then would be to identify the signs now and reassess our daily routines to make any changes necessary for our health. I think, however, most of us need a little extra motivation in doing so. How about identifying the advancements we benefit from by slowing down, taking charge of our anxiety and hectic pace. There are indeed, many.

I think one of the greatest benefits of slowing down is that we gain a better perspective on our life and the big picture. Does it ever feel like your busiest days usually consist of a huge "to-do" list? Just get that done, so I can move on to the next... Well, lists are important. Especially for people like me with a pretty sad, short term memory. But how much thought do we end up putting into our long term goals? How do we expect to accomplish what we most desire in life and when we want to, if our day to day tasks veer us off track, even in the slightest? So really the question could be, "Is our hectic schedule slowing us down?"

Another way balancing our daily pace can help us get ahead is that we are more able to pay closer attention to important details in the decisions we make, especially important ones. Act in haste and we can really regret the choices me make. Also, this can help eliminate regretting and stressing about the poor choices we have made in the past. I think it's pretty obvious slowing things down to allow more time for decision making far outweighs saving a few minutes by always hurrying. Sometimes this means cutting back with the multi-tasking and just giving over our focus to one thing at a time. Easier said than done, right? But again, think long term and the better option will be clear.

A concluding point I find to be extremely important to being successful is maintaining our health emotional control. Really, how can we perform at our best if we ourselves are running on empty? You need fuel to keep on keepin' on and you need to keep yourself in top shape.

Aside from that, success is often linked to dealings with other people and you need to be emotionally healthy to do so. You need perseverance as well, which is hard to maintain if you're at your limit. And as an added benefit, by being positive and emotionally happy you can create a positive work environment for you and those that surround you.

Any adjustments we make toward a calmer pace in day to day life is up to us and remember the key is quality verses quantity. Let go of the little things. Make your most important goals your priority. Take time to recharge your battery with relaxation techniques. Remember that the day is about you, not what you need to do. What you need to do will naturally follow. Breathe and have a nice day and a nice tomorrow.

Street Talk

Thanks! We do need to focus on what's important, and often it does take slowing down to move forward.

  about 6 years ago

Very true. Wish I'd learned these facts a bit sooner. Enjoyed the article.

  about 1 decade ago
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