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Why Do I Always Feel So Anxious?
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Why Do I Always Feel So Anxious?

If you wake up one morning and feel that there are butterflies in your tummy, don't simply go off to work and accept it. So many people think it's normal to feel this way. It most certainly isn't. Consider it a warning sign that somewhere in your life, something is worrying you. But why do I always feel so anxious? In a word, stress.

Now, the difficulty is to know what that 'something' is. If you don't suffer from anxiety, your feeling would be that if someone is suffering in that way, then the reason would be obvious. But here's where anxiety, or more properly General Anxiety Disorder, is so insidious.

Yes, you may well be under undue stress at work. If this is so, think what you can do about it. A person who's suffering stress can't be, by the very nature of the way they feel, be working at their most efficient state. After all, in effect, they're looking over their shoulder the whole time and not fully concentrating on what they're doing. So if you do pinpoint an area at work that's unduly worrying you, try and do something about it.

I know it can be very difficult if it means approaching a superior, but there may be other ways of ridding yourself of the stress. The real problem can arise when you simply can't think of anything that's bothering you. You just feel this wretched nervousness.

The first thing to consider is what do you eat? It's absolutely vital that you eat good, nutritious food. This business of rushing out of the office or factory, grabbing a burger and fries and some sort of drink, rushing back to where you work, wolfing that lot down you and carrying on working, is sitting up and begging for trouble.

The stress hormone, cortisol, in your blood stream can send your appetite into a tailspin. You need plenty of vegetables and protein -- and exercise. I know. We all cringe at this terrible word, because we imagine gym memberships, spandex, or alternatively all those frightful-looking regimens that we see on television. But there's absolutely no need for any of that.

One of the best things for you is a good walk. To start with, just have a wander around the block. Then gradually increase it together with your pace. Jog by all means, obviously, but you don't have to. Whatever you do, though, leave your cell phone at home. Under no circumstances be tied to the darn thing.

If you have a hobby, so much the better. Anything to take your mind off work. A young person can take the long hours and the continual calls on the cell phone, but when you're older, it becomes far more stressful.

Whatever you do, try not to ruminate, especially on matters about which you can do nothing. Worse still, is when your imagination starts to run riot. In another article, we saw the person who was worried sick about their house burning down or being flooded. All that is in their imagination and this is where negative imagination comes in.

Imagination is a wonderful tool. Where would artists and writers especially be without it? But you must beware of allowing it to go the wrong way. If you feel you are letting your imagination lead you in the wrong direction, sit yourself down, write out these worries, and then write out how things will change in the future.

I do hope this article has been of some help.

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Thanks for sharing about food and eating good, nutritious food as a way of taking care of yourself. And exercise!

  about 5 years ago
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