8 Different Types Of Metal Finishing
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A wide variety of finishing methods is available in the market to meet your metal specification needs. These treatment methods are being offered for a miscellany of purposes. Here, we’ll enumerate them and provide you with a short description for each.

1. Powder Coating

In this method, dry plastic powder will be melted to create a mattified texture on the metal’s surface. Reputable companies offering this service have acquired powder coating machines to ensure the surface has no defects of any type. The metal finish is highly ornate and durable.

2. Hot Blackening

Need a black matte finish? The method employs black oxide and spreads a thin layer onto a metal’s surface. It’s done at extremely high temperatures, where it will be contained in several tanks comprised of have coolants, cleaners, and caustics. Guns, hardware equipment, and auto parts are the regular products this method coats and finishes.

3. Buff Polishing

Buff polishing is a highly regarded method for a completely smooth finish. It’s apparently the complete opposite of powder coating as it creates a glossy, non-elaborate finish. As the method’s name literally implies, the metal finishers’ machine utilises a wheel cloth which buffs or otherwise polishes the metal’s surface. The glossy texture seemingly feels velvety without small, grainy textures and looks really shiny against any light source.

4. Metal Grinding

This method is mostly done by an expert. This person would hold a grinding machine against the metal product. The friction between the machine and the metal product would product a smooth finish. However, the smoothness of the product varies.

5. Brushed Metal

Metal finishes like this creates a smooth texture similar to buff polishing but excludes the glossy feature caused by buffing. It takes out the imperfections found on the metal’s surface, thus giving the product a consistent grainy texture on its surface.

6. Metal Plating

This type of method is where any type of metal products are submerged in a chemical bath. The surface layering, just like with the aforementioned methods, is only thin but is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion because it’s made with PTFE or nickel. Moreover, these materials coat metal products using a plating machine, however this isn’t the appropriate method—nevertheless machine—for getting rid of grainy textures and smoothening defects.

7. Sand Blasting

Sand blasting is otherwise known as bead blasting. As literal as it sounds, it’s a method which uses a machine that blasts sand or other abrasives onto the surface of soft metals. It’s necessary to do this at high speed to give an equally mattified finish on the metal product.

8. Metal Vibratory Finishing

Typically employed to smoothen the edges of small to large-scale metal products by putting it inside a drum full of substrate and abrasives. The speed of the vibrating machine is relative to the product’s texture afterwards.

Here are eight types of metal finishes employed to create different textures on metal surfaces. Amongst this variety, which one do you need? A number of companies provide these services and it’s only a matter of finding the right one.

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