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SA Home Builder, A Recommendation
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If you are looking for an SA Home Builder, then I can recommend Rossdale Homes. I can do this because my husband and I used them as our builder approximately two years ago and we are happy with the end result.

Finding the right builder to build your new home is a daunting task and the more you talk to people, you can hear about all sorts of stories about any SA home builder, both good and especially bad ones. Building takes so much time and lots and lots of money, so none of us wants to make a mistake by choosing the wrong builder. I can't give an informed opinion on any other builders in Adelaide, but I can share my experience with Rossdale Homes.

Building a home takes a long time and there are many frustrating moments. I don't think it is a particularly easy process, as there are so many people involved in the building and so many details that have to be decided upon. It is my impression that this is a very common experience and it doesn't matter which SA home builder you choose to use, these frustrations are a part of the building process, regardless of who you choose to use.

Rossdale Homes markets itself as a middle of the range SA home builder and I would agree with this. They are not the cheapest, because often cheap means cheap and nasty. They say that they use subcontractors that are concerned with their workmanship, not just being paid. We are very pleased with our finished product and we can see that there is a high level of workmanship throughout our home.

Rossdale Homes promotes a fixed price contract. They certainly do this and they stick to it. Obviously if you want to change something after the contract has been done and signed, then you do pay extra for whatever it is that you want extra and this is fair. If they come across an added expense that they haven't factored into the contract then they absorb the cost of their mistakes.

Probably the best thing about choosing Rossdale Homes is that they will fix any mistakes and they will fix them with no fuss and in a timely manner. If you have it in the contract then they will honour it. An example of this is that we ordered shower screens that were not of a standard height, but 20cm higher. Standard height shower screens were originally installed and we didn't remember that we had ordered for the higher shower screens until a month after we moved in (we moved in with a 2 year old and a 2 week old). We rang our contact at the company, he checked the paperwork and 3 days later the correct shower screens were ordered and then installed a few weeks later. It was really great not to have to argue our way for what was in the contract. There were a few other minor things, liked a chipped tile or a missed spot of painting. All were fixed up promptly and with no fuss.

In my opinion, Rossdale Homes is a quality SA home builder that I am happy to recommend.

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