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Using Peppermint Oil As A Nasal Congestion Remedy
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Using Peppermint Oil As A Nasal Congestion Remedy

For all my nasal congestion suffers I have a home remedy that is easy and cost effective. It does not matter if you have seasonal allergies, a cold or the flu. I have found this remedy to be very effective.

Can you say peppermint oil. Yes, peppermint oil does wonders for the nasal passages. So don't worry yourself with another pill, nasal spray or worse of all the side effects because this one is pain free. I have found using peppermint oil to be soothing and relaxing. Ok I hear you talking. So how exactly do I use peppermint oil?

***Before we get started always remember to make sure you, your family and pets are not allergic and these are suggestions that you are using at your own discretion. As with any essential oil always use caution and your best judgement.

Tips and Tricks

1. Use pure peppermint oil not a knock off. It can be purchased at any health food store or online.

2. Use pure peppermint oil in moderation because it is very strong.

3. Do a skin test to ensure that there is no skin irritation prior to use. If you notice that your skin gets red, itchy or scratchy please don't use it.

4. Peppermint oil can be dabbed on your chest or forehead. Make sure not to use to much you just want enough to cover the center of your forehead or the center of your chest. Breathe as you normally would.

5. Fold a piece of paper towel, drop about 4 to 5 drops of oil on it, place in the room where you will be resting. If you need it to be stronger repeat the above steps on a second piece of paper towel and place directly inside your pillow case or in another place in the room.

6. Purchase an oil burner, tea candles, matches/lighter (all can be purchased at most health food stores or at a dollar store). Pour the oil into the top of the oil burner, place one tea candle at the bottom of the oil burner and light with a match/lighter. The aroma of the peppermint oil will travel throughout your home. Helping with your nasal congestion, breathing and deodorizing. Use much caution with this tip because the oil burns fast and so does the candle. Not recommended for children or if your are drowsy.

Hope you find this home remedy useful. Many of my colleagues have really enjoyed this remedy, I think they like the smell more than the actual remedy lol. Well talk to you later, Be Safe, Stay Healthy and Live More Abundantly!

Street Talk

I completely agree with you, I love peppermint oil for congestion. It's also a natural pain reliever, so in addition to getting rid of congestion, it will also help with the headaches that sometimes come from colds.

  about 9 years ago
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