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Every day we are finding some pepole compainig from their goints at diffrent sits and we siply advice them go and take some rest

But we dont konw actual underlying cause of their pain.Let us take a more deep look about joint diseases or arthritis.

arthritis can affect one or more joins in the body .it can be associated by loss of local or generalised reduction of bone may or may not associated with widining or narrowing of the joint spaces .widining due to cartilegenous prolifration like acromegaly or hemoarthrosis like trauma or eodema like rhomatoid arthritis .

Soft tissues around the joints also can be swolllen or artophic .the age is an important factor in some typs of arthritis like rhomatoid arthritis has one beak at childhood and other type at middel age .Some arthritis are affecting the femails mor than males.the strss and depression.some time infections or trauma can lead to sever destruction of the joint spases like neuropathic arthritis

Iwant to simplify the idea of joint diseas to you and not to give you headack.

it is important to kow the pattern of the pain regarding the frequancy i e the pain is coming and going or continuous is there moring stiffness like rhomatoid arthrits .the diet is important also in some types of arthritis like gout .chest infections are assciated with systemic spread of tuberculosis.history of blood diseases like hemophilia is important .loss of bone matrix like osteomalacia and rickets can give generlaised joint pain

other important factors are genetic transmission and autoimmune diseas like systemic lupus .

it is important to see other effects of the dieases on the body like skin changes or association with other intestinal loss ,some times general symptoms like changes in the memory and behaveour are also associated with the diease.


After taking good history of all symptoms star with x ray that give agood idea about the different signs of the dieases .ct or cat scan is important in cases of differenciating some of arthrits like neuropathic arthritis .isotp uptake is important guide line in maping the site of the arthritis .other investigations like blood analysis and other body systems are important as stain study for the gastrointestinal tract in caes of ulcurative collitis and crhons diease.

NOW alot of medications are available for arthritis .the most important is the correct diagnosis and follow up of the diseae

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