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Even King Henry Couldn't Cure Gout Naturally
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Even King Henry Couldn\'t Cure Gout Naturally

Did you know that King Henry the VIII would have been very happy if he had know that you could cure gout naturally? As you know gout is often referred to as the rich man's disease and in King Henry"s time that was certainly the case. Gout is caused by purines which is found in certain foods and alcohol. Back in the days of old King Henry only the rich could afford to eat the foods that were a leading cause of gout.

Another factor that relates to gout is weight. Most people who have gout are also overweight. Any pictures we see of good old King Henry the VIII is a picture of a fairly heavy fellow. The extra weight unfortunately places a burden on one's kidneys thus the excessive purines are not flushed from the body. The excessive purines tend to settle around a person's joints forming crystals which are very painful. One of their favourite areas is the big toe.

If only King Henry the VIII had a better diet. His kitchen staff could have found ways to cure his gout naturally through herbs and certain foods. Of course he would have had to stay away from the ale but such a small sacrifice to pay for being pain free.

You know maybe his kitchen staff could have made him a drink made from the juice of cherries since cherries are an item that will help to cure gout naturally. Yes he could have had a very nice cherry wine!

But alas in his time the rich had a diet full of purines. With all the servants to do his bidding he also probably did not get a lot of exercise either which is important in the fight against gout. He probably would have been better off going for walks around his many gardens instead of chasing all those future wives. Exercise does help keep those extra pounds off thereby allowing the kidneys to perform at their peak. When the kidneys perform at their peak then they are flushing out the excessive purines.

Today we are much more knowledgeable about gout and we know that we can cure gout naturally. Although when we first have an attack of gout we tend to go to our doctor since we are not sure what is going on. This is a good thing because there are other diseases which exhibit the same symptoms as gout. It is good to know what you have before you start any type of treatment.

Once you have been diagnosed with gout your doctor will more than likely prescribe medication. This medication often has unwanted side effects so do not hesitate to look around to find ways to cure gout naturally. You have much more knowledge at your fingertips then old King Henry the VIII.

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