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Tart Cherry Juice & Arthritis - Does It Really Cure Arthritic Pain?
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Tart Cherry Juice & Arthritis  -  Does It Really Cure Arthritic Pain?

Background on Tart Cherry Juice - what is it?

Tart cherry juice is made from tart cherries which are a sour variety of cherry mainly grown in Michigan, Utah, New York and Washington in the United States. Sour cherry types include Nanking and Evans cherry.

The cherries contain a red pigment called anthocyanins and research has found this can reduce pain and inflammation in rats. Anthocyanins are also a powerful antioxidant and give a variety of health benefits. During an experiment carried out in 2008 by the Cherry Marketing Insitute, rats were fed a diet of tart cherry powder as part of a high fat diet. Not only did the rats not gain much extra weight, tests on their blood also indicated that inflammation indicators were much lower. This gives hope to those who suffer from heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. Additionally, the rats blood also showed much reduced levels of cholesterol and triglycerides than other rats (In humans, triglycerides are used in the body to store un-used calories and are a major component of human skin oils)

Tart Cherry Juice As A Natural Pain relief

Sufferers of arthritis and other conditions such as osteoporosis have experienced benefits from drinking natural tart cherry juice instead of taking prescription medication. In fact, according to research conducted by Oregon Health & Science University, tart cherries have the “highest anti-inflammatory content of any food”. The findings of the research were presented in 2012 at the American College of Sports Medicine Conference (ACSM) in San Francisco, California. Other studies have shown that tart cherries are 10 times more effective at reducing inflammation as aspirin. The juice can also be of benefit to athletes who may be suffering from muscle and joint soreness following physical exertion.

How Much Is Recommended?

The dosage of tart cherry juice is dependent on the severity of the arthritic condition. An ideal starting point would be to consume one cup per day and see what level of pain relief that provides and go from there.

Are Tart Cherries Safe To Consume?

There are no severe side effects of consuming tart cherries according to a drugs information site. It is recommended that sufferers do not give up their existing medication but instead try tart cherry juice along side any existing drugs. Consult with your doctor first before trying new or changing your medication.

Where Can I Purchase It?

Tart Cherry juice concentrate can be purchased online from Amazon and other healthfood stores.

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