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6 Fiery Hot Article Writing Tips
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Are your articles getting read? Are they converting your visitors like crazy? If not, read on to discover some simple and easy things you can do to increase your readership and conversions.

Writing articles does not have to be as hard as some people make it out to be. Even if you have always dreaded writing articles, you can become a successful article writer.

The object of your article is for the reader to read it. If the article is not read, then you have wasted your time and effort. Thus, you need to have an article that compels the reader to keep reading, and is easy for him to digest, understand, and put to use.

Here are 6 red-hot tips for you to use now to make your articles more creative and interesting for your readers:

1) Use a screaming-hot title that compels the reader to move forward. It should hook them and reel them in. Appeal to your reader’s emotions, make them feel something with your words. If your title can catch the interest of your reader, your job is half-done. The title is the most important part, because it doesn’t matter how fabulous your article is if your title stinks. The reader will never get past a title that’s dull and boring.

2) Use short paragraphs. Long paragraphs lose your reader in a forest of trees. It becomes hard work to plow through a long tedious paragraph and the reader will end up ignoring most of it and moving on. Short paragraphs allow you to quickly move the reader from one idea to the next, so that you maintain their interest and keep drawing them in closer and closer.

3) Use numbers or bullets to condense ideas into bite-size pieces, and format your article into a list of tips or a guide. Also use some indentations for groups of bullets to give your article a physical shape which is delicious to the eye.

4) For longer articles, make use of sub-headings to divide up the page. It makes it easier for your reader to transition from one section to another without losing their attention. It also helps your reader see what direction you are taking them and they are more likely to follow.

5) Keep your reader interested from start to finish. In your opening paragraph try using a real life situation that can be easily adopted by the reader. Sprinkle in good descriptions and marvelous metaphors to drive your point. Go easy; don’t overdo it. Add a dash of simile to help them visualize the picture you are painting with your words.

6) Use figures when numbers can heighten the experience that your article is providing. Do not just bore with facts and data, but rather present your numbers in an exciting way that makes them come alive in your reader’s mind. Make it light and easy and just let it flow.

More must-have marketing advice can be found at my online marketing plan. Good luck in your article writing efforts. When you make the reading fun for your reader, you make it fun for the writer, too.

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Street Talk

Teresa M  

Hi Peggy thanks for this useful a newbie I will take these tips on board!

  about 9 years ago

I'm glad to hear they will be useful for you Teresa. Good luck in all your writing endeavors! Peggy

  about 9 years ago

Cool article, Reminds of how I write! By the way I wrote an article teaching street article members how to get their Google plus profile pic next to their articles in Googles natural search listings. it works for me... but I need to know If my instructions are easy for others to follow, think you could follow them step by step to see if it works? You can find it on my public profile... you'll know which one :)

  about 9 years ago

Thanks Mitch, I wish you lots of luck getting your fiery hot articles written!

  about 1 decade ago
Mitch B.  

Thanks for the tips Peggy. Can't wait try them out.

  about 1 decade ago
Jan W  

Great article. I often forget the little things like these that make an article worth reading.

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks Jan, glad you liked it! Peggy

  about 1 decade ago
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