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Article Writing Jobs From Home - How Many Articles Are Enough?
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One very common question I get about article writing jobs from home is... "How many articles do I need to write to succeed?" This is the million dollar question! Well, Honestly speaking, there is no magic number. Some people succeed with one article, whereas for others it can take many more. In saying this, writing should become an ongoing task...part of your business.

When it comes to article writing jobs from home, you need to look at it this way. Traffic is the fuel of your business that allows it to grow faster, scale quicker and earn more money. Writing is one of the main mediums that will drive this traffic to your website. The more traffic you get the more sales you'll make and that's the bottom line.

The more articles you write, the more traffic opportunities you will create. The more quality articles you write, the better the following you will create. The better the brand you have. The more your articles will be shared, and the longer lasting the traffic any given article will generate.

How many articles is enough for you?

By building a scheduled plan for your article writing jobs from home you'll be able to simplify and lay out your short term and longer term goals. When building a plan, you should have actionable goals. Research is not actionable. Writing is! In an ideal world, you would be able to "write" and "submit" 2 articles per day. This equates to 60 new articles per month, and 730 articles per year.

OK, let's break down the potential of this schedule from a more than conservative point of view. Let's say you get an average of TWO clicks per day per article (again, some articles may fetch you 50-100 per day each...not too uncommon). After just one month, you will have 60 articles generating 120 clicks per day. That's a great deal of free traffic. Using Google Adwords, you would likely be paying $60/day for this kind of targeted traffic...again, for no cost to you.

How long will it take?

After six months, you will have 360 articles generating 720 clicks per day. That's what I call a BUSINESS! At that point you will be earning money and you will be able to start outsourcing some of your work...and be able to scale your business much quicker.

After one YEAR, you will have 730 articles generating 1440 clicks per day. At that point your business is going to be thriving. This is a realistic business plan if you want to get involved in article writing jobs from home. After one year and a bit of leg work, you have a sustainable, scalable, long term business.


As long as there is the Internet, people will be searching for content. The content "opportunity" will never end. Article writing jobs from home is not just a pipe dream. This is a legitimate opportunity for anyone to begin making money online. This should help you see article writing jobs from home as a business. It should put it into perspective for you. Write quality for people to enjoy, learn, and share. You will then be rewarded for many years to come!

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