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Hire A Ghostwriter And Increase Your Marketing Online
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Hire A Ghostwriter And Increase Your Marketing Online

Ever thought it's about time for you to hire a ghostwriter? Perhaps unsure of where to start? Ghostwriters are a great way to scale up your marketing efforts. Let's face it...nearly of all us struggle with time management. Spending a ton of time doing keyword research, building your list of keywords for your article marketing, only to find that you don't have enough time in the day to get the articles written and published online.

When you hire a ghostwriter you can free yourself up with a lot of time to do the more important tasks involved in running your business.

You get your articles ghostwritten for you, leaving you the time you need to be able to look after your customers. Letting your ghostwriter handle your content creation, which you can distribute online or post to your own website for your readers.

However, not all ghostwriters work the same way.

There's probably thousands of freelance article writers willing to work on your projects. But not all of the time are you going to get your content created by the ghostwriter you are in contact with online.

Some will actually be sort of a broker for your content. It is a big business with huge sites, such as elance, who have thousands of freelancers available. Some are going to be far too busy to write your content in the time frame you need it done in.

Their solution will be to charge a higher rate for the ghostwriting service and then outsource your project to other freelancers.

This lets ghostwriters scale their business up.

Granted... it is going to get you a faster turnaround time on your projects, but you aren't going to get that specific attention to detail which a personalized article ghostwriting service can offer you.

A service where you and your ghostwriter work together to ensure that all your ghostwriting needs are being met. Getting to know you and your business. The needs you have and the needs of your clients which you try to meet everyday to maintain your reputation and solid customer service.

With so many article ghostwriting services around, it's difficult to know who you can trust to work with you on your projects.

If you think you should hire a ghostwriter to help your business, you can find it taking a ton of time to dig around and research someone who you are interested in trying out. Some will be larger authority services, which use a number of freelancers, meaning you aren't guaranteed to have the same writer whenever you have a project needing taken care of.

A single person operating an article ghostwriting service will be able to shine through. You will see samples of their work on their website, as well as customer feedback and a whole host of other information to let you know about the writer themselves.

You will get an understanding of how they write, as well as the ins and outs of what sort of writing services is on offer.

Ideally, the best time to hire a ghostwriter is when the article ghostwriting service is in its early days. Meaning there aren't a ton of clients waiting to have their content done.

Instead, you get in early, when the service is just starting out. This way, you're sure that when you hire a ghostwriter from the very start, you will have that writers undivided attention, as the service will have to meet your needs in order to build a solid reputation.

Allowing you and your new freelance writer, time to get to know each other and go over the details of exactly what you need done with your projects so you can both a solid working relationship.

Over time, you and your writer will be on the same page, leaving you with less time needing to be spent putting together your project details and submitting to freelance services to find a ghostwriter to work with. Instead, you will be able to work with just the one writer, get their personal attention and they'll begin to know exactly what it is you need done.

Ghostwriting is an area which some people consider as just outsourcing some of the grunt work involved in marketing, while others truly appreciate the attention to detail from using a personal article ghostwriting service.

The only question that remains is...

"What sort of service do you want to have?"

A cheap solution for your marketing or a personal service that caters to your every need, with a solid working relationship with your own writer who knows exactly what you need done and how you need it done.

Remember, you can have your own writer without the headaches of staffing. Freelance writers can work with you on a long term basis without you ever committing to any kind of contract. While still maintaining the professionalism of carrying your own staff.

What sort of qualities do you look for when you want to hire a ghostwriter?

Share your comments below...

Street Talk

I like the article, but when clicking through to your website I didn't really like the auto responder that I have to sign up to before being able to view your content! haha, where did you get this auto responder though?

  about 1 decade ago

Hey Mike, My apologies. I just noticed that. The auto responder is running on Action Popup. I wouldn't recommend it though. The guy that sells it, (Robert Plank), uses it to build his own lists and now I have to stay on it for updates to the plugin. I don't like the bait nor the constant emails about the next webinar that I *NEED* to go to. That's just me though. The email notifications are on the website, but to be's very rarely used. It's really just on the site to let people know the service is closed to new clients at the moment. Anyhow, thanks for letting me know about that error. It's been updated to show it only once and you can click anywhere to get rid of it. Apologies for the popup error again. Robbie

  about 1 decade ago

Hi Guys, pardon the picture there. :) Anyway, you can post your comments here. When I get comments, questions, feedback etc. submitted here, the directory sends out a email notifications. (see above the blue submit button above here) When that happens, I'll jump over and answer any questions you have. All the best Robbie

  about 1 decade ago
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