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Spinning Articles - Is It Still Worth It?
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What is going to happen to those spun articles and to the marketers who are using them quite often?  Well, Google made it very clear, especially these past few weeks, that they were going to punish low quality content by sending it to the abyss of the search engines.

Now, can we say that spun and re-spun articles make low quality content?  Well, let's see and analyze this.  Let's say you are writing a perfectly well written original article just like Google and directories like.  This of course would make your article valuable to the readers and to the search engines as well.  However, now let's say that you are going to spin that article only 10 times.  Do you think that your article will be as good as the original one after the fourth or fifth spin? More than likely it will not!

Even after the second spin it will be the same information reworded.  So, even though this will not make a bad article it will still be only a second version of your good article.  This is not what we call original content.  Needless to say the more you are spinning the article the lowest quality it's likely to become.  The lower the quality the least chances of having that article rank on Google these days.  As a matter of fact, from now on those spun articles will really only serve as back links.

Why do some people spin articles anyway?

In my experience, people who are most likely to spin articles are: a) People who don't like to write, and b) People who can't write very well.  For anyone else, I am sure that you agree that spinning an article takes just as much if not more time than just writing a fresh one.

Why am I saying this?

If all you had to do was spinning your article and just let it be, trusting that it's ready to be submitted, then, you would have a point, and spinning might be faster than writing.  But, the truth is that your work doesn't stop there.  Even if you are using the best spinner that helps you find substitute words with the best synonyms list you could think of, you will still have to choose and replace the words with those synonyms manually. And this alone does take time. But, that is not even all you will have to do.

When you are all set and done with spinning words, you have to make sure that your article reads correctly for the human eye.  In most cases, you will notice that once you've replaced your words with synonyms and clicked on that spinning tab, your article will still need to be reviewed to make sure that it makes sense.  99% of the times it will not.  This means that you will have to work on every sentence that doesn't sound right and adjust it so it will make sense.

If you are working on a 400 word article it could take you well up to 15-20 minutes at the very least.  It takes an experienced article writer about 10-15 minutes to write a 400 word fresh article.

Do you feel that you are not an experienced writer?

What makes an experienced writer is practice.  The more you write the more practice you will get.  The other down side of using spinners is that  you do not get any better at writing because you spend too much time spinning.  Write more articles instead of spinning them and you will become an expert writer faster than you may think.

Street Talk

S. Gray  

I agree. The more you write, the better you'll become at creating unique, original content readers and the search engines will love. Thanks for the advice!

  about 1 decade ago
Jan W  

Good article! Spinning an article does take quite some time to make your own. Learning to write in your own way makes your articles unique giving readers fresh information.

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks for this info Sylvianne..I just had an article rejected for being a "spun" article and I don't even know what that means! I have a better idea now thank you.

  about 1 decade ago

Sylviane I agree it is easier to write another article than to spend time spinning. I am waiting for Google to actually stop ranking the new, scraped sites using my articles - spun to complete gobbledey-gook. When is this supposed to happen...I am just venting.

  about 1 decade ago

I agree with this. There is not many advantages in spinning articles if it's going to take just about as much time as writing something better and unique, is there?

  about 1 decade ago

Good points sylvianne! I have found over the years that writing something unique is actually quicker than trying to rewrite or spin an article... Plus it is written in your own voice and will come across much more natural.

  about 1 decade ago
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