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Three Tips To Better Writing
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The problem of being a beginning writer is that you end up tripping over yourself every time you turn around. When we all of us first started, we had no clue what we were doing or who we were talking to. We were ignorant of everything concerning the internet – in short, we were ignorant. Now we know better.  Part of the problem with the net and our presence on it – is that we don’t expect everything we write to get accepted elsewhere as well as our desired places of internet placement; chosen publications. Thus, it becomes easy to accuse writers of plagiarism, laziness and creating misinformation. When what has really happened is that writers are running into themselves and each other – gees’! What a predicament. To avoid this situation; I suggest that writers do three things when writing for multiple publications.


  • Create multiple folders possessing the title of the publications your writing for and sort them in order of importance – desirability. Which publications do you want to get accepted by the most and which ones could you live without their giving you the time of day?


  • Either develop more than one voice, or develop a voice that’s versatile. Are you poetic, serious, funny or just well rounded? Once you’ve developed yourself in one of these areas, focus on another area in which to develop your writing skills.


  • Stop beating yourself up and tossing out rejected stories; instead, polish the ones that got rejected by rewriting them from another angle and use fresh language – words that you normally wouldn’t use. This strategy helps increase your vocabulary and writing skills.

Along with settng a time and day for working on assignments, remember to take a time out. As a writer, time management is one of the msot important skills that writers need to learn. Procrastination can be a serious career killer right along with not being able to take healthy critisim. Just these things alone can make or break a writiing career.

None of us can deny that the internet has made it possible for many of us to be writers; however, it’s also made it easier for us to release articles, photographs and music to multiple publishers at once and hear back from them without it taking a month to do so. And, that becomes the problem. In fact writers can find this frustrating. So, don’t get angry – get organized and remember these helpful tips.

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