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What Is Article Writing? Submitting Articles To Street Articles
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If you are just starting out on-line, you probably have a lot of questions. One question may be what is article writing?

As you research this topic, you may want to discover if there is a blueprint for successful article writing, what benefits you can expect from it and why you would write articles in the first place.

To answer the question of what is article writing, the answer is pretty self-explanatory. You piece together information about a specific topic in the form of an article and once complete, you can post it to your blog or submit to an article directory for publication.

A few benefits of article writing include the opportunity for you to share your knowledge regarding various topics, and to teach others what you have learned regarding a subject whether by personal experience or research.

For the purposes of internet marketing, you can promote your own website/blog, goods and services by writing original, relevant articles. Articles increase your exposure in a niche, grow an e-mail list or give you a way to express the sheer enjoyment that comes from writing.

You can plan a series of articles on one subject, or bounce around to different subjects and ideas as inspiration or current events direct you.

You can expand your circle of influence very quickly and literally reach people from all around the world who read your articles.

There really is no right or wrong in the way articles are written. You can write articles in many different ways from providing helpful tips to sharing a personal story to exploding myths regarding any given topic.

An introductory paragraph, followed by a few questions or points you'd like to discuss, a solution to a problem or what your experience has shown to solve the issue and a conclusion. You may include a link for readers to click through to go to your blog or website for even more helpful information that could not be covered in the article.

Write your articles in such a way that you are having a conversation with real people, not just putting thoughts down on a piece of paper with no heartfelt emotion one way or another.

This is a very simple way to establish yourself on-line, and to begin the process of gaining readership and followers in your niche.

Even if you're not the fastest writer in town, the enjoyment of sharing thoughts and ideas that may touch others in numerous ways is both satisfying and exciting.

Once your thoughts are organized and flow, making sure that grammar and spelling are correct, is really just how easy it is to get started writing articles.

Thanks to the internet and the many free article directories available for you to publish your articles on-line, there has never been a better time to give writing articles a shot.

If you have a website or blog, you can easily write articles to increase traffic and sales based on the informative and insightful words you provide the reader. Affiliate marketing becomes easier with a few well-written articles under your belt.

The beauty of article writing is that there will never be a shortage of ideas from which to get your inspiration. Just by skimming the magazine covers at the local grocery store can give you a list of great article ideas, or a new slant on an old idea.

Putting together keyword lists can give you a page full of article writing headlines and really spark ideas to write great articles on topics for which people are searching.

As I submit my 50th article for Street Articles, it seems hard to believe that building a nice library of articles could be such an enjoyable experience.

Although I never participated in any challenges like “30 articles in 30 days,” these are the types of challenges showing that you, too, can be an active participant in article writing.

Before long, you will establish yourself in your niche and in a much shorter time than you think, build your own nice library of original content.

When you are starting out and writing those first few articles, you may feel like it will take an eternity to write 50 articles. My recommendation is to take advantage of those writing challenges which will encourage you to get into the habit of writing every day.

Of course, always be on the lookout to find different sources to inspire your own personal source of creativity for a constant flow of new article ideas.

What is article writing? It is one truly beneficial way for you to grow, teach and share in one or many niches in a simple format that virtually anyone can use.

In closing, I offer my thanks and gratitude to Street Articles for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts, opinions and articles here.

Street Talk

Very good job Patricia! You have covered this nicely.

  about 1 decade ago

Thank you : )

  about 1 decade ago

I agree, Kyle! Taking on these kinds of challenges definitely improves your craft and gives you immeasurable benefits. Street Articles is by far my favorite article directory! The community here is amazing and encouraging. Thanks for the kind words!

  about 1 decade ago

Great post Patricia! Glad you have made so much progress so quickly within the authoring world and I think that anyone that reads this will greatly benefit from your authoring! The Street Articles 30 in 30 has been a game changer for many people whom thought they couldn't write. Many people have even done the challenge several times and it always leads to improvement, better articles, more traffic, and a lot of time a good deal of financial rewards. Keep up the great work!

  about 1 decade ago
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