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Write Articles For Just Your Website - Google Algorithm Change
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From recent news, Google has made a change to cut down on "article spamming" on the internet. Google is all about the users' experience, and when people post the same articles too often on the internet, it can hurt page ranked. They have begun to hit low-quality sites. If you have posted articles to article directories, as well as to your own website, choose one of the other.

For the new affiliate marketer who may want to post the same article many times, this may seem like a huge bummer. And they may be correct. After all, only Google knows of the exact formula but it seems Google is placing a concerted effort into looking after quality content.

For the articles you write, choosing wisely which ones you want to publish on your own blog and which ones you want to submit to your favorite directories. Obviously the decision will be yours. Perhaps choose the articles more endearing toward your business for your website, and the more general articles to the directories.

This will force you to work more on your author resource box. Because you will start to write articles for either your blog or article directories, you will want to make your box count more as you will not have duplicate copies on your blog and directories. Make the box as enticing as possible for the person to click. Perhaps write a really good article for your blog, and then write about it and submit it to directories. After which you will put in your resource box a backlink taking the person to the article you just wrote for your blog website. I recommend this anyhow, but will be needed more with the algorithm changes.

Remember, affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. Unfortunately, you probably will not get rich quick - but there are always outliers! Instead of looking at this as a downer, remember that there will be a time when you could really be "Google slapped" and use this as a way to prepare for the future.

If you have not already, start to write articles for just your website and article directories. Even if you are not currently affected, you may be in the future. You do not want to log online and notice that you have severe hits from Google. It is best practice, (I have heard this from day one with my affiliate marketing training), and we are seeing it in action as well.

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