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Your Words, Your Gain Or Your Loss!
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Your Words, Your Gain Or Your Loss!

When writing try to make the best of the words you have researched. Mean what you write and write what you mean, specially if you write to promote a product. Learn everything you can about that product, even the negative side of it.

By learning the negative aspects of that product or idea you write about you are gathering enough information to write articles with the truth in mind, and create a productive pieces, an article that has the power to help others understand the idea or product you write about.

Giving people the chance to learn everything there is about that product helps them decide and possibly help them solve a problem they may have with that idea or product.

Promoting an idea means that you know what it is about and even know of people who have used the it successfully. Make sure to include this info in your writing so that others have extra reliable sources of true information.

It is all about providing with the truth and giving enough information about what we write about. Do not be afraid of repetition as this is the form of expression that humans learn from. Repeat the information using different words and images if possible, to make it easier to understand.

If you are able to use video to reinforce the information on your writing, make sure you make viewers feel and experience every aspect of your spoken and visual explanation. Be quick with your words and be direct and concise. Do not spend excessive time on visual points in your video, instead balance both spoken and visual expressions.

If you can use the product you are promoting make sure you know how to use it well before creating the video. Ask the customer and owner of the idea or product to appear in your video to express the source of the idea of what you promote.

If you are promoting yourself using a video, make sure to tell people a bit about you, name, phone number and have a happy customer give some insight about you and your work. When you are preparing to write, create a buzz by letting people take a look into the process that goes into your new piece, this is a great way to create expectation and even new customers.

Showing the best of your researching skills before writing, helps people understand where you as a writer come from, and creates a strong bond between your audience and yourself.

Let them know a little about what you go through when you write, tell them about the research involved the ideas that work and some of the ideas that do not work. Make them feel. Not engaging with your readers would a waste and a loss.

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being enthusiastic about the product you are marketing as well as knowing and believing in its usefulness will bring sales...

  about 9 years ago

Yes that is true. :) Cheers!

  about 9 years ago
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