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Another Monday Morning
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What is that noise? The alarm clock you fool. It is time for you to get up and start another workweek. Who are you, and why are you intruding into my private space? I am you, or I should say that I am the other half of you. I am the negative side of your positive. I am that side of you which will attempt to force you into doing unsavory things. You have experienced my presence, but you did not have the intellect to understand what was going on in your head. My boss has given me permission to expose myself to you. I am tired of living in the background, so I asked my boss if I could manifest myself to you. You see, I am that side of you that will keep you in a state of confusion.

Remember last week when you went shopping and were unable to decide whether to purchase that television, well I am the reason you could not make a decision. Are you telling me that two entities are present within me? You got it. You see, in all of you humans exist a positive and negative side, or a right and wrong side. It is my job to take the opposite side of whatever thoughts that enter your mind. Are you telling me that if I decide to do something positive, you will oppose it even if it means the death of us? Not the death of us, but the death of you. The simple truth is, it is my mission to lead you astray, and if you, not me, expires in the process, the boss will assign me to someone else.

All of this should have been obvious to you. How many times have you been unable to make a decision? I thought I was just confused. That statement proves my point, in order for you to be confused, a secondary thought must be hovering around, I am that secondary thought, and if you are not strong enough to resist me, I will take control of you. This is just plain crazy, let me get out of bed and go to work. So you think it is crazy, that thought you just had about getting out of bed, well, it is my job to convince you to remain in bed so you will lose your job. This is the place where I trick most of you earthlings. They reach for the alarm clock to turn it off, and I tell them they can sleep for another minute. Some will accept that line and attempt to sleep for another minute. If they were really thinking, they would realize another minute of sleep would not make a difference.

When they finally wake up, two hours have passed. At that time, a big smile will come on my face, because I know this will be a fun day for me. You panic and start rushing. In your haste to get to work, you throw caution to the wind. My next mission is to get you involved in an accident. If that fails, I will try to get you to curse out the boss when he ask, why are you late again.

If I get you to explode and you curse out the boss and get fired, my boss will give me extra points. In order to further convince you of who I am, I know you recall the time when you lost your composure and cursed out the clerk at that store. When the police came and arrested you for being disorderly, you could not come up with any reason or justification for your conduct. When they asked you why, the only thing you could say is, the devil must have made me do it. Well, you were not too far off the mark, because I am that devil. That side of you that you could not explain. Now you know the truth.

I am going to be totally honest with you. You have the ability to out duel my side of you. In order to do so, you must be strong and unwavering, if you take control of your life, I am helpless to do anything. However, if you ever stumble, I will be waiting in the wings

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