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Emily Maynard Jeff Holm - The Break Up Timeline
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Emily Maynard Jeff Holm   -   The Break Up Timeline

Before we starting shedding tears for one of TV's newest celebrities couples, allow me to help you dig up the dirt! Many of you may not realize that Jeff is actually spelled "Jef"! Doesn't that just make you adore him more? Now that that is cleared up, let's get the skinny on ABC's "The Bachelorettes" newest ex-couple.

Loyal fans of the show, now 23 seasons deep, couldn't pull away from the TV yet again as the unlikely love story between Emily Maynard and Jef Holm unfolded. The two seemed to have an ease of chemistry with nearly any activity, which included an emotional date with Emily's young, 7-year-old daughter Ricki. Though many were rooting for the suave Arie Luyendyk Jr., Emily allowed Jef to claim her final rose and he answered with an emotional proposal The season finale aired on July 22nd of this year, and was followed by the ever-popular "After the Final Rose" episode where Emily and Jef were reunited after spending over 2 months apart.

The Bachelor nation finally thought they had their golden couple, and were overjoyed at this blossoming, and seemingly solid relationship. The shows batting average is pretty lousy, but I am sure you already knew that. So what has happened? Let's show you the timeline.

Jef and Emily Get Enaged: May 10th 2012

The show watched as Jef took a knee to his southern-belle. How could she say no? The engagement boulder was reportedly 150k! They cried, America cried and all seemed right in the reality romance universe.

Jef and Emily Date in Secret: May 10th - July 22nd 2012

As many know, the engagement happens weeks before airing on ABC. To keep their new found love alive, the pair met in secret on several occasions. Jef and Emily flew successfully under the radar, and even had Ricki present on some of their rendezvous.

Jef and Emily Go Public: July 22nd 2012

Though many eligible bachelorettes were already cyber-stalking Arie after the season finale. The world witnessed Jef and Emily's coming out reunion and were ecstatic to see the couple still engaged, and happy.

Jef and Emily Debut on Good Morning America: July 23rd 2012

With the news of their engagement going viral. The couple takes their big announcement to the news with a interview with Good Morning America. The bright eyed duo couldn't have looked happier. Emily tweets: "Good Morning America! Yay! Finally with @jefholm!". Their big day continued with a romantic dinner, with Emily tweeting later: "Our first romantic dinner. Thanks @jefholm :)"

Jef and Emily Travel to Ghana: July 26th 2012

If you didn't know, Jef Holm own's the company People Water, which is a for-profit organization trying to "help alleviate the global water crisis". In support, Jemily traveled to Ghana to help the cause by implementing several well projects allowing clean water to reach rural communities. Ahhh, the golden couple is still shinier than ever.

Jef and Emily Vacy to South Carolina: August 18th

Jemily travels to Myrtle Beach to unite with the Holm Family. With Ricki along for the ride, the "happy little family" seemed to be doing great! Emily tweets on August 20th: "The happiest I've ever been in my life with my two favorite people in the world. I love you to the moon @jef". Jef than answers, showing how he is feeling those daddy shoes with this tweet: "Ricki just said she wants to be a surfer & work at the AT&T store when she grows up. Changing the world one wave...and cell phone at a time".

Emily's Cheating Scandal Surfaces: August 22nd 2012

This appears to be where the rip in the Jemily timeline breaks. That moment when the downfall began. Emily is accused of a racy "sexting" scandal during their recent South Carolina trip. Us Weekly created an internet frenzy when they released the story of the cyber-cheating scandal. Jef reportedly took a peak at Emily's phone, which was getting notifications out the wazoo. According to the source, racy texts and pictures were discovered by Jef and a fight ensued After a heated argument, she apparently fled the season with Ricki at nearly 1 A.M.! Yikes.

Jef and Emily Claim Article is "Bogus": August 22nd 2012

Puffy eyed Jemily fans were given hope, when the couple fired back, claiming the cheating allegations were completely false. Emily made a bold move by reaching out to People magazine and stated that "It's one hundred percent not true". With a sigh of relief, everything seemed right in the Bachelor community.

Jef's Brother Reveals He is "The Source": August 23rd 2012

America was picked back up, just to to get pushed back down. Us Weekly reveals their source responsible for the cheating scandal, and it is none other than Jef's brother Mike! "I can tell you that it's all 100% true," Mike told Us Weekly! If you didn't believe it, now you did. Even with Jef's fire back on twitter: "It's crazy what people will do, even family members, to see their name in a magazine."

Jef Holm Speaks to People: August 24th 2012

In what now seems like a desperate attempt to keep the band aid in place, Jef reaches out to People to defend the Jemily romance. "This whole story is 100 percent false," adding "My family all says they are shocked, and obviously I'm shocked."

Happy Tweets, Happy Jemily?: August 25th-September 26th 2012

Throughout the next month, with the cheating scandal still swarming through the media, the two seemed to be doing great... at least according to their twitter accounts:

Jef Holm - August 30th: "Driving Miss Daisy @emilygmaynard aka driving Mrs. Holm"

Jef Holm - September 3rd: "Thanks to the pics @EmilyMaynard keeps posting of me, when I get to Charlotte I'm auctioning off her shoe collection. #karma #payback"

Emily Maynard - September 5th: "Stop at Sundance on my tour of Utah with @jefholm

The Other Man is Revealed: September 26th 2012

This was the validation that America needed. Who would believe a cheating allegation with the counterpart faceless? Well, Us Weekly delivers again with the name. Who is it? None other that Matt Lienart, as in Oakland Raiders QB! What exactly IS your type Emily?

Emily PAID Jef to Date Her?!: September 28th 2012

As if this mess couldn't get any juicier, it does. Us Weekly is at again, claiming that Jemily's entire relationship is a scam. Let's get real. Who would Emily EVER have to pay for company? That's right... no one!

Kaylee Shephard: September 28th 2012

Who is she? Oh ya know, just Jef's ex and the Us Weekly source behind the rumors of Jemily's payment 'arrangement'. She also claims to have spent time with Jef recently. What's the other bombshell? Kaylee adds that they were still together when he left for The Bachelorette and had been for 8 months! Yikes! These scenarios are starting to sound familiar.

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