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Struggling With Guitar? Learn How To Play Fast (And Well)
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You fell in love with it then minute you seen it, the most beautiful guitar ever put forth in the long and storied history of the instrument. You had the money burning a hole in your pocket and that was the end of the debate that little beauty was quickly turned over to your trembling hands. Breathlessly, you handed over the money, put your purchase gently into its case and drove home, stroking the guitar from time to time. And then you got home, sat it down and realized with horror that you had no clue of how to play the thing.

Back to the music store you go to buy sheet music, a stand, and oh yeah, possibly some lessons. Months later, your skills have not improved and you swear that the guitar is mocking you with every wrong note you strum. Struggling with guitar? Perhaps you need a little more help to learn how to play better.

First, be realistic with yourself. Did you really give yourself enough time to get the hang of the notes, positioning and finger pressure needed to be a proficient guitar player? Did you really put forth the effort to learn your lessons and practice hard each and every day? Did you expect to pick up this beautiful instrument and develop the necessary skills in a matter of days?

Remember, anything worth doing is worth doing well, so allow yourself the real time to develop your guitar playing skills. Practice, and by that, really practice. Do not just pluck a guitar’s strings a time or two and call it a practice session. Put the time in or don’t expect to play.

Next, consider your own personality. Are you someone who likes to do things on your own, or do you prefer to be guided through a new process? Do you learn by reading or by doing? Do you retain information that you have listened to or do you need to write things down to commit it to memory?

Knowing your own personal learning style is key to your guitar success. If you are a do it yourself type, consider ordering online guitar lessons that can guide you through each step at your own pace. If you learn more by doing and with guidance, then by all means sign up for guitar lessons from a local teacher. Make sure you find the right teacher for your own style and do not commit to more than a lesson or two until you figure out if you will mesh with this instructor.

Third, remember that not everyone is meant to be a guitar virtuoso. Even with lessons, guidance and hours and hours of practice you may not gain the skills that you would like to have- you are not necessarily going to be a huge pro. There is one thing that the best professional players have that cannot be bought, cannot be gained by practice or with lessons: talent.

Finally, if you are struggling with guitar, do not give up at the first sign of trouble. Stick with it. You have a beautiful instrument, and it deserves to be played.

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