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Television: Good Or Bad?
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In many homes, the television is often on. Sometimes, family members are watching the television, such as when a favorite show, like NBC's "The Voice", is on. People often stop what they are doing so that they can enjoy a favorite show. Other times, however, the television plays in the background while the family continues with its normal daily activities, like online publishing, cooking dinner, or cleaning the house. Having a television playing in the background is normally not a problem, because people are focused on their work. They will simply go on with what they have been doing.

A blogger, for example, might want to earn a certain amount of money by the end of the month. He has plans for what he wants to do with the money, such as paying bills and pursuing his dreams. Hoping to accomplish his goals, he writes many articles that he will publish online, paying no attention to the television as he works.

Likewise, a housewife can also go about her daily activities while a television plays in the background. She likely appreciates having the television on while she is in the kitchen cooking dinner, for example, because it breaks the silence. She may be at home alone, but with the television on, she does not feel lonely. Instead, she feels comforted. Other people, however, have difficulty when the television is on.

Children, for example, may be unable to go to sleep if they can hear the television playing. They may even come out of their room, walk into the living room, and watch what their parents are watching until the parents discover them standing there and send them back to bed. If the children cannot go to sleep, they may have trouble getting up for school the next morning. Parents may need to close the door to their children's room or turn down the television in order to avoid problems. Children are not the only ones who sometimes have trouble when the television is on, however.

Students can also have trouble. They may have difficulty reading a chapter in a textbook, for example, because noise can interfere with comprehension. If they find themselves having to re-read sections of a chapter, they will be wasting their time and energy. If they are in someone else's house, they can have a much better study session by either finding a quiet place to study, such as a library, or by putting in a pair of earplugs. Earplugs will muffle the noise, making it softer and less of a problem. If they are at home, they would be wise to turn the television off. They can then get their work done, which will allow them to enjoy their evening. They can then feel free to enjoy a favorite show, because they will not have their schoolwork hanging over their heads.

People will continue to enjoy television, because it is part of modern life. Television will be even more enjoyable for them if they respect those that they are with by turning down the volume. By keeping the volume low, people can enjoy their shows, life can go on, and there can be peace in the house.

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One in every room and not seeing any change anytime soon. :)

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Thanks for reading! :)

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hey Hollie. I just passed by to say hallo and to tell you that I like you article because it is rich and informative. Thank you very much

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Thanks for reading! :)

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