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Yarn Bombing - Just Do It
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You could be standing right next to one now at the coffee shop (cue the spooky music).  Or having your hair done by one at your local beauty salon, even visiting with one in a PTA or church meeting.  What or who am I talking about?  Yarn Bombers!  Men and women of all ages, even children, who strike quietly like ninjas armed with yarn creations crafted from miles of yarn to beautify and “cozy up” the world.  No place is safe from these fiber rebels as long as there are those who know how to wield a crochet hook or knitting needles.

Today yarn bombing is being seen more and more frequently the world over.  Although, thought by some to be graffiti, it is technically illegal.  However most officials will, with a wry smile, turn a blind eye.  Entire blocks covering everything within site with yarn cozies, wraps and ornaments have been organized by local crochet/knit guilds or yarn stores for city craft festivals.  You might even stumble upon a single crocheted flower stitched snuggly to a fence post on a lazy country lane.

Yarn Bombing is a creative outlet and a great way to use up your stash of yarn.  If you’re new to yarn bombing, start out with a simple single or double crochet rectangle to sew around a hand rail or a park bench slat.  Remember, this is supposed to be fun people!  Let loose, get colorful, be creative, and please don’t be destructive.  Do it alone to commemorate a special place or event, or do it with friends just to be silly!  The possibilities are endless.

It’s a welcome breath of fresh air from the woes of our day.  It makes us laugh!  It starts conversation and unites those folks with an obsession for crochet or knitting in a jovial cause.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I admire and respect the staunch statues of our local founding fathers scattered through out town...  they’re great, really.  But wrapped in a colorful scarf and jaunty beret, you KNOW those steely old pioneers are grinning from ear to ear under all that stone!

I can’t help but wonder, had yarn bombing been around way back when, how many of those serious looking frontier women would have pulled up there skirts and bloomers and took to the town square crochet hooks and knitting needles in hand?  I can see it all now...covered wagons embellished with bright granny squares and hitching posts wrapped in elaborate crochet stitches. I’m pretty sure my great-great grandmother would have been there with bells on!  

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