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How To Create An Asthma - Safe Home
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How to Create An Asthma  -  Safe Home

Asthma sufferers are required to live in a healthy home environment in order to be able to keep the disease under control. And the best way to create a healthy environment in your home is by keeping it clean. Cleaning your home as often as possible would vastly reduce or eliminate the potential asthma triggers or by doing other things that can be useful.

The first thing that an asthma sufferer should do to create an asthma-safe home is to improve the quality of the indoor air. There are few things that you can do to make the air at home more suitable for asthma sufferers. The irritants in the home that can trigger asthma are a lot; cigarette smoke, perfumes, aerosol sprays, fumes from cleaning products and paints.

Mold, pollens, cockroaches, dust mites can also trigger asthma so its important to clean your house as regularly as possible to get rid of these irritants. There are few tricks that you can do to eliminate the dust mites at your home or at least reduce their population. Vacuum regularly not only the carpets but the upholstered furnitures as well. Washing and laundering bed covers and linens, drapes, curtains and other fabric items can also help eliminated the dust mites. Do not allow the build-up of clutter because this way you create conditions in which dust is easily collected in the clutter and the dust mites strive in the presence of dust.

The mold is another source of asthma irritation and if you want your home to be asthma-safe you should limit the presence of the mold in the house as much as you can. The easiest way to eliminate the mold is by keeping the levels of humidity in the house below 50%. Also indetify and fix any leaks(damaged pipes, leaky roofs, etc.) as quick as possible. Properly ventilated the rooms in the house and if doesn't do the trick, then cleaners Clapton recommend the installation of a dehumidifier in the room, especially if the room is too humid.

The presence of cockroaches in the house can also trigger asthma. To eliminated the treat from the cockroaches you should keep your house exceptionally clean and then the insects would leave your home themselves. Do not leave dirty dishes in the house, keep the countertops clean from bread crumbs, food leftovers and water spills. Cleaners Charlton advise you to throw the garbage out and wash the trash bin as often as possible to deal with the cockroaches problem.

Asthma sufferers can be very sensitive to asthma triggers and irritants so to keep their desease in check people who have asthma should make their homes asthma-safe by improving the quality of the air in the house and cleaning regularly as possible.

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