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Natural Asthma Remedies For Children
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Asthma can make life miserable for anyone, but it hits children the worst. However, there is some natural asthma remedies for children that can help them have a better childhood.

I will talk a little about a few of the natural remedies you could use. It is my hope that these remedies will help you child live a better life.

Drink a glass of water ever 1 to 2 hours.

This is one natural way we don’t really think about that can help you child to avoid having an asthma attack. When your child drinks a glass of water, it will keep their airways moist. This helps prevent the airways from closing up. Staying hydrated can help prevent an asthma attack from occurring. This is just one simple way to naturally help prevent an attack.

Honey is another great remedy

Ah, honey. Bees, bears, and we humans love to eat honey and use it for some of our great recipes. However one thing you might not have thought of is how honey can help with your child’s asthma.

There are several ways honey could be used to help. One way is to get a jar of honey and place it under the nose of your child when they are having an attack. This starts to produce a calming effect on the body, and in a short time can began to stop the attack to the point where the child can began breathing normally again.

Another way is to mix up honey with several ingredients. One special recipe you can put together is to gather up one teaspoon of pure honey and olive oil, a half cup of milk, and some garlic clove into a bowl or pot. Put all of this in one mix and boil this mixture for a short amount of time. After successfully boiled, pour the mixture in a cup for your child to drink. Now I know some children are picky about what they drink, but this mixture will really help by reducing the asthma attacks your child has.

Many More options out there

While asthma can make life hard, it does not have to take away the fun of being a child and having a life worth living. I know there are many more natural remedies out there, but I hope that the few I have suggested will give you a jump start, or at least a glimpse of all the possible remedies that exist. But until you are ready to move on to even better natural remedies, I hope the simple use of drinking water and using honey with the other ingredients listed above will help you child living a better life one day at a time by helping to prevent future asthma attacks from happening.

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