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edge of the universe
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My Astrophysics Revelations
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My astrophysics revalations:

The importance of Spheres and Hour Glasses in Science and Math

This paper is going to include a lot of different kinds of logical theories and questions similar to

"which came first the chicken or the egg," Some of which is probably not

accurate, but I believe that some of the ideas I have had are unique and may

assist in furthering our understanding of space and time and everything in between.

By the way...after much thought on the matter (haha, physics joke)...

I believe the egg came first.

there has to be an egg before you have a chicken,

before the chicken there was some prehistoric ancestor of the chicken, who

mutated/evolved. So 2 nearly evolved chickens mated and their egg ended up

growing up into the first chicken like those we see today... at least in my

opinion. Which is basically equal and opposite to the fact that 2 completely healthy normal humans can mate and produce a baby who has a disease or is deformed.

Thought 1: (a 3D Circle) A SPHERE

Sphere = Explosion (goes out in every direction) = Big Bang!

an explosion would affect more than just 3 dimensions?

(the beach ball is just a physical example of the original sphere)

=quark = Proton = Atom = Beach Ball = Earth/Planet = Star = (approximately) ~ Galaxy

however a galaxy is more like a disk (a frisbee) than a sphere.

When I say equals above: I mean they are technically the same shape (in an ideal universe)

so what comes after galaxy and before quark?

Sphere = everything inside a quark (it gets infinitely smaller?)

Sphere = UNIVERSE! There are 11 dimensions and once we can see into the

bigger ones, you will see that the universe doesn't have a some wall, you

can't get to the "edge of the universe", you can only get to the edge of physical matter, which technically we could calculate the distance is by determining the amount of energy caused by the big bang and the speed the outermost matter was going at all times up until now. but does space (not matter) itself just keep going; infinitely bigger?.

In a way space is not only curved (which has been proven), but is actually

spherical, At least around the edges of physical (seeable) matter.

think of everything like concentric circles

...( ( 0 ) )...

...Atom proton quark proton Atom...

you can think of the 0 and the quark as the big bang....but in that situation things get infinitely smaller going outward instead of in...

We are at a size I like to call "life size" or in my first example above, the beach ball size.... There is a set minimum and

maximum size of all life (at least in life on earth)= "Life Size Matter"

Then the "Life Size Matter", Then there are atoms, and then smaller than atoms are protons, neutrons, and

electrons. then there are even smaller are things like mesons, gluons,

pions, kaons and quarks (and then possibly preons, and so on...).

And from thinking logically about "Thought 1" and the way many different things

of different sizes are the same shape, you can go a step further and

imagine everything like:

Thought 2 (which I actually thought of first):


= time = Math

think of a number line;


= Black Holes?

\ __________________/

----\____________ /

---------\_____ /

------------ \/

The Present, 0, the center of the hourglass,the center of the black hole?


---------/______ \



on the right side of this black hole you can imagine everything in our

galaxy (not in the universe)...

on the left side you could imagine an equal amount of space with something

in it which is in someway similar in size, or shape or time.

Thought 3: The more we understand different types of prisms and how and why light (and other waves/ objects) are reflected through them, the more we will understand about black holes, and the nature of the universe. My idea is, when a person goes through a black hole, do they end up in a universe where they are an equal, yet split up prism/mirror image of themeselves? a splitting image if you will? (haha)

Think about a rainbow, and then think about all of the types of things that our eyes can't see (ultraviolet waves, etc.) is it that much of a stretch to compare light to dimensions???

we perceive three spacial dimensions we do exist in all 11...What don't we know about the reality of the universe around us?

This site has nothing to do with my work above, but I created it and I am too lasy to make a new one so...

Make a donation at QuarterEbooks if you learned something, or made your own assumptions/breakthroughs due to reading this or want to ask me questions.

You can email me at afaigen@yahoo or adam@faigen,

-Adam Faigen

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I am trying to find out where or what the site is to which you are referring so i can go there...thanks

  about 9 years ago
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