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5 Tips To Get The Girl You Want
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5 Tips to Get the Girl You Want

We all have that one girl, I know. We all want to know how to get the girl we want, how to get the girl to like you, or just how to get the girl's attention. As a dating coach, I have ways on how to do this. These steps has helped allot of my students, my friends, and even me! Here are some tips on how to get that girl you've always wanted in your arms:

SHOW YOUR INTENT - This is always the first mistake that most of the guys make that's why they end up in the friendzone! You should show your intent! This shows confidence and shows you're a real man and not one of those chodes who just creeps around her and wait for something to happen. Make the first move and surely she'll follow.

DO NOT PUT HER ON A PEDESTAL - This is very common, cause guys tend to think too much, and of course if you think too much, tension builds, and you get nervous. Just treat her as you treat girls around your circle, how you treat your sister, your mom, that fat girl who always liked you but always ignored (just kidding). Treat her like a normal person, don't see her as a goddess of beauty! Just act normal, so things will go into plan.

BE PRESENT TO THE MOMENT - Now, when you're with her, don't think too much on what to say next, on what to do, or on how to act around her. Just listen, have fun, & relax for god sake. She already said yes! She already likes you! Don't you know how hard it is for a girl to say yes for a date? I'm telling you, it's hard. So just relax, share your best and worst traits, your most embarrassing moments, and other stuffs you say to your bros. Cause doing this gives comfort, and comfort leads to.... that's right, attachment and attraction.

HAVE A LIFE - Have a passion! So that you'll have something to offer and won't just depend on her attention! You won't get clingy and giving her the freedom she wants. Girls hate neediness! So you better get out of your couch and start working on something else. It won't just help you get girls, it's gonna be your foundation to love life!

DON'T BE AFRAID TO GET REJECTED - Cause Removing the factor of rejection, leaves only acceptance at the table. And knowing that this would end up successfully, you'll act flawlessly, your movements won't be stifled, you'll be limitless. Remember, you're playing the game to win, you're not playing to not get rejected. So when she sees that you're true & being your best self around her, it's definitely yours for the taking.

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