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have you ever woken up thinking what to wear that day or you keep askin if this cloths look good on you or if you look flabby or you even wore the right kind of outfit for the wrong type of occassion . do you keep asking yourslf all this questions while you have tons of cloths in your wardrobe?

if you find yourself in this kind of situation dont worry because you came to the right source. you are not a dummy if you dont know what to wear. just know its natural for you to keep asking these questions. asking these question is a good step in correcting your self

you see they are different types of cloths for different type of occasions eg you have woolen cloths for cold seasons and you have cotton for hot seasons . the thing with dressing is you should be comfortable with and look smart in it this would make people know the mood you are in or give you respect. like i cant wear a jean trouser and t-shirt to a ball. you see people there would look at you as if you are mad. i took my time to highlight some of the most important thing you should note when you are dressing or putting on an outfit. they are not much and you can hold it in your head for a very long time.

  1. you should put on clothes you are comfortable in an d cloths that make you look smart
  2. you should not put on cloths with too many colours. cos it would make you look like a clown just put on cloths with the right colours. the colours should be primary colours or secondary colours dont mix the two together.
  3. you should ask some one for their point of veiw on the cloths you put on. ask the opposite sex for it .
  4. if you are fat dont put on cloths with circular lines because it would make you to look round and round is not sexy. put on clothes with vertical lines same for the slim ones .
  5. you should ask the person the types of clos to buy for that season and he or she would guide you.
  6. dress according to your mood if youm are happy wear bright clothings if you are sad you wear dull colours.

have fun when dressing or buying you clothes. take time to select the right outfit. just hold on to these and i would give you more tips. or you can meet me at and iwould give you more..

remember you look more pretty or handsome if you dress simple and comfortable. so have fuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnn.....

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