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Emotional Guidance System
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Emotional Guidance System

A few years ago I had a chance encounter with a lady I hadn't seen for many months. I walked into a Cafe and was shown to my seat. As I was checking out the menu while I waited for my sister to arrive, I glanced up and noticed a woman who was seated at the table next to me. It was a friend who I had not seen for several months. I said hello and we started chatting … catching up on all the happenings since we last talked. She mentioned to me about a wonderful book that she was reading and that I might like it to. It was The Vortex by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

What a fateful day that turned out to be. After I left the cafe – intrigued by the topic of this book which had been recommended, I went out and purchased a copy. I read this book from cover to cover within 24 hrs and three years on the principle message still has a profound effect on my life. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the content is about Law of Attraction, something that I am now a passionate advocate of. This is such a huge topic so for the purpose of this story will keep my discussion to our Emotional Guidance System.

In my previous story about How to Manifest in 7 steps, I refer to Source energy. This is our Soul, the essence of who we are, it is the energy of All That Is, God – whatever name you are comfortable with. I personally prefer the name of Source and it is this energy that creates our magnificent Universe, humans, it is the essence of everything. When we agreed to enter this physical reality of Planet Earth we made an agreement with Source and it said to us that we will never be alone and that Source will always be a part of who we are. Source will always communicate with us via our emotions until such a time that we remember who we are and why we came into this physical reality.

Source Energy, our Inner Being is constantly offering guidance for every thought we have and you can tell by you are feeling. There are essentially only two feelings, one that feels good and other not so good. When you feel positive emotion this is a signal from your Inner being which is agreeing with your thoughts. So the opposite is true too, negative emotion is a signal from your guidance system/ Source. By paying attention to the way you feel – you will attract whatever you are thinking. You will attract events and circumstance that match the emotion of what you are feeling. If you are sensitive and have awareness of this so you can change your thoughts to attract what you want.

Negative emotions such as guilt, loneliness, sadness, whatever you are thinking / feeling / speaking about at that point will attract more of the same. Your thoughts will match your feeling and more negative thoughts will be attracted until it gets bigger and so does the emotion. This is where it gets very interesting, the stronger the negative emotion, the stronger the signal from your Source Energy alerting you to change the direction of your thinking. When we understand this, negative emotion is not a bad thing; it is a reminder from our Essence that you have a choice here.

Feel the difference. Be guided by your emotions. Things will manifest faster, you will be joyful regardless of the circumstances. How do you know what's coming? I know LOA and feelings – when you feel good things are moving in the right direction. Be confident. Thankfully we live in an environment where there is time and no instant manifestation of our thoughts. When we truly understand the importance of our emotional guidance system, we can harness the message that is being offered and we can start creating the life that we want. You really don’t want instant manifestation until you have trained your thoughts to be in alignment with what you do want.

Nothing is more important than the way you feel –make this a mantra ‘Today I am going to feel the best feeling thought I can find from where I am’. Be mindful to find an improved thought and they will keep coming, on all subjects. Give your attention to positive aspects in any situation … everything that comes to you is a match to your vibration energy which is determined by your emotions or feelings.

Now, is the place to be. NOW is your point of attraction from a Law of Attraction perspective. It is suggested that when you think about tomorrow, you feel good about it. Negative emotions will impact on your future experience. All you need to do is feel the best you can right now. When you practice this regularly over time it will become a natural thing for you. You will become very sensitive to your thoughts and feelings you will appreciate the negative sensation for what it is, a reminder from your Loving Source to change the direction of your thinking.

Look at what is currently happening in your existence; pick out the parts that you like best and what you want to continue to dominate in your present reality. When we truly appreciate and understand how powerful our guidance system is, there will be no looking back, only a deep knowing that when we are truly in harmony with ALL THAT IS … everything is wonderful.

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