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Getting more of what you want is not just about the future. True success is about enjoying the present while also looking to a bright future taking shape as you want it. I hear so often people speaking as if they are enduring the present and hoping for a better future. Rather they should be giving attention to feeling as good as they possibly can now. The future springs out of the now. A bright future springs out of a bright now.

Expand the Good Now

Of course I understand that some people may be living in less that ideal circumstances and that makes it more of a challenge to be upbeat in the moment. However, it is the case that being miserable about the present is not helpful in creating a better future. Some attention must be given to making now as good as it can be. It means expanding anything good in the present. It means looking for anything to be grateful for now and expanding upon that.

Getting Over It

Getting over it means accepting the present however it presents and moving forward from there. Change is about movement. Movement means by definition getting unstuck. Whatever it takes get unstuck from whatever is keeping you stuck right now and get moving towards something better. Better does not necessarily mean great -just better, even just a little bit better. In moving to the better it is a great help if you are clear about some of the things which are good for you. Some of the things which help you to feel even a little bit better than you do now. It may be that you need to give some thought to and spend some time teasing out the things which are good for you. By that I mean getting clear about what makes you feel better- even just a bit better.

Expressing Gratitude

One way of help get clear about what is good for you is to give attention to expressing gratitude. This works because to express gratitude you will need to give some space to getting to know what you have in your life to be grateful for. It's a process. You may need to spend some time and give some attention to knowing the things for which you are grateful. You may need to set aside some quiet time to reflect on the good things in your life. You may need to have a pen and paper and to make a list. You may be surprised at how long the list grows. You may find you need a notebook in order to list everything that you can be grateful for. You may even find that you get inspired to make a special book and to add to the list in your book whenever anything new springs to mind.

Creating Your Future

As you get clearer about the good in your life as it is now you are giving attention to the good. As you give attention to the good you are attracting more of the same or better into your life. Like attracts like. As you turn your attention to gratitude for the good in you life you are automatically setting up the conditions to make more of the good your reality. The process of being grateful helps to bring about more to be grateful for in your future. Your future is the future that you are creating by what you are paying attention to here and now in the present. Everything that keeps your attention more on the good now helps create your best future.

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