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Helpful Tips On What To Manifest
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Helpful Tips on What to Manifest

Interesting observation, I have uploaded three articles in three days. What intrigued me is that whilst the title of the articles is different, there are similarities in the content. I have a passion for all things positive and hence my area of interest relates to mind power, focus, and positivity - just to name a few. The article on “How to manifest in 7 steps” seemed to have struck a chord as it is the most popular (by way of the number of views) compared to the other two.

I spent some time reflecting on why this might be. What is the criterion for someone to click a link to a story about one topic and yet not the others? Well, from my humble perspective, things like a catchy title or a title that readers can relate to … so back to my article on How to manifest in 7 steps, I feel that this is a topic which a few of the readers where drawn to find out more.

This raised my next question, what would the reader like to manifest? More time, more money, more freedom, perhaps change? The answer to this would be unique to everyone, there would not be a one answer fits all solution. What you would like to manifest will be different to each of you, however the system or technique to help you manifest will be the same.

So this is what I suggest you could do to help you determine what you really would like to create.

1. Meditate on this – take some time out to quieten your mind. It is really amazing what comes to you when you stop all the head talk. This exercise can give clarity, particularly if you utilize a guided meditation. One that has been scripted so that you have some reflection time in the middle and where the narrator has taken you into a deep relaxation state and provides a thought trail to ask questions.

2. Purchase a journal book specifically for writing your dreams and desire in. Something powerful happens when you take the time to put your thoughts onto a piece of paper or into a journal. To make is extra special, I suggest that you purchase a hard-covered journal, leather or a patterned cover … once again it is for the intention of putting something very special into a your book of creation.

3. Take a drive / walk to your favorite beach or park or forest, somewhere that you can feel the magic of this pristine place. Choose a spot where you can easily feel at peace and leave any resistant thoughts behind, even if for just one hour. Find a place to take a seat, enjoy the sea view if you are at the beach, or under the shelter of a great tree (my personal favorite) . I spend some time feeling the essence of the tree, taking time to ‘feel’ the energy of the tree being gifted to me. Once there, spend some time visualizing what you would like. If you don’t have anything, just enjoy the silence or sounds of nature. You will be surprised what thoughts will pop into your head when you are appreciating nature, sounds and all things beautiful.

4. If you have access to YouTube, search from some Binaural Beat Meditations. There are many that you can trial and see if this works for you. What are binaural beats do I hear you ask? This is an auditory tone, sounds that pulsate into the brain. There is much scientific research so show that it can reduce the effects of anxiety and aids in relaxation. When we are in a heightened state of relaxation – solutions and answers are more likely to reveal themselves or more importantly you will be receptive to recognize this.

These are just a few suggestions to assist you in determining what you would like to create. Did you realize that just by living you are actually manifesting right now. This is why having a focused determination to ensure that you will actually create what you put your energy and attention on. There is a saying my mother used to share with me; perhaps you know it … Be careful for what you wish for! You will be given exactly what you think about – especially those thoughts that are offered to the Universe without any ‘strings attached’.

Once you have determined what you would like to create/manifest read How to manifest in 7 Steps, follow the recommended process and let Universal forces go to work on your behalf. Happy creating.

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