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How To Talk To Girls - The 3 Keys To Conversation
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The 3 Keys to Conversation

I've been learning how to talk to girls and I'm about to share with you the 3 keys to conversation that you can use to talk to any girl anywhere.

1. Observe everything

The first thing to do is to take the time to observe everything around you. When you are out and about, observe life and just watch people around you, paying particular attention to women. What is she doing? What is she wearing? You're looking at these things as you may see something you can comment on. What sort of expression does she have on her face? Does she look happy? Sad? Confused? Amused?You've probably heard it before that girls are emotional creatures but it is true. Learning how to talk to girls successfully is about making a connection with them and creating a moment. She'll respond to you much more positively if you talk to her about what she's thinking about at that moment.

So, let's take an example.

You're in the supermarket and you see a cute girl dressed in sweat pants and a hoodie (observation tip: maybe she's been working out in the gym, just finished a yoga class or been playing hockey?) hovering in the pasta and rice section with a confused look on her face. So, you say "You look confused." It's stating the obvious but it's what's she's thinking about now and you're getting inside her head.

Go with the obvious! It's a lot easier than waiting, desperately thinking of something funny to say...waiting...yep still waiting...and then...she's gone! I know you've been there and I have too! Ahhh, if only I had a dollar for every opportunity I've missed whilst trying to think of something clever to say!

You could even jump in with "wow, you look confused, if you're not sure what to eat I highly recommend 'Seeds of Change bolognese sauce!"

Another important tip when learning how to talk to girls is that whatever you say, say it confidently and with a smile on your face! Don't walk up all stiff and hesistant like some sort of C3PO impersonator!

2. Listen

Now this second step is absolutely crucial when learning how to talk to girls. I can't emphasise it enough! Having a conversation is like playing catch. You've made the approach, opened the conversation, you've thrown her the ball, now see what she throws back at you and make sure you catch it (i.e. listen!). So, she might say "yeah I really don't know what to have for dinner tonight."

Note: people love to talk about themselves, so ask her a question, let her talk and you listen. Learning how to talk to girls is in fact less about talking and more about listening.

3. React

So, you've listened to what she's said now respond. For instance, you might say "wow, are you always so indecisive?" or "well, do you like stir-fries cos I can give you a delicious and easy recipe for a sweet chilli chicken stir-fry?" or "when I'm stuck for something to cook I always cook one of my old grandma's stews" Of course, she could respond with anything to your opener and that's the point, you have to react! You can't rely on routines as what you planned to say may not be relevant to her response.

Keep the conversation going but listen out for portal words. These are words that can take the conversation in a different direction. You want to take the conversation on from your initial opener so that it doesn't fizzle out. Now if she responded with "I'm not always so indecisive but I've had a crazy day and I'm really tired." The portal words to pick up on here are "crazy day." You can simply say "what was so crazy about your day?"

Or she might say, "I've just finished yoga and I'm really hungry." Can you pick out the portal word?

Yes it's "yoga!"

To which you might respond "what type of yoga do you do?" (if you know a bit about yoga yourself) or "I've never tried yoga, would you recommend it?"

It's all obvious and easy stuff! Learning how to talk to girls is not so hard but you have to get out there, practise and get those limiting beliefs out of your head! Once you've mastered this step you want to further your education by making sure you know how to talk to girls in a fun and engaging way so that you connect with them, get their phone numbers and take things to the next level.

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