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How To Talk To Girls - Time To Ditch The Pick-up Routines
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One of the biggest problems for me when trying to get better at attracting girls was seeing a beautiful woman and thinking I want to approach her but I've got nothing to say. I could psyche myself up as I was leaving the house, I'd tell myself "I'm going to talk to some girls today!" but would then freeze upon seeing one. I hated that feeling and so I made it my mission to find out how to talk to girls anytime and anywhere.

I knew I could go up to her and say "hello" but had no idea what I would say after! For me there's nothing worse than a stilted boring conversation. You know the type, it goes something like this..."Hey, how are you doing?" (perhaps said with a reasonable level of energy).

She says "I'm fine, how are you?" (in a friendly tone)

"Good" you say.

And then, the tricky part...the follow're racking your brain for a nugget, some gold...but there's nothing there...then you give up and resort to "so it's a nice day today, isn't it?" (or something equally lame!) As you say it you can just feel the energy being sapped from you. You feel like you've failed.

You're now relying on her to either pull something out of the bag and miraculously save this conversation or alternatively and more likely she'll end this torture for the both of you by saying "well, anyway I gotta go, see you later."

Does this sound familiar? The sound of missed opportunity and the sick feeling of regret in your stomach as you say to yourself "why did I say that?" Or even worse, minutes or hours later that lightbulb goes off: "I know what I should've said! Why couldn't I think of that at the time?"

Anyway, so the hypothesising over, you probably want an answer to the problem of how to talk to girls.

Now I've tried a few different things when it comes to attracting and talking to girls. I've tried the whole pick up thing. Have you tried it? How did it work out for you? How did it make you feel?

I tried various canned routines, magic tricks and insulting girls (yes really! I was lead to believe this would make them attracted to me!) yet this always felt unnatural to me and never got me anywhere. Because I wasn't being myself, I was never relaxed, making it harder to get my words out and I was so stuck on carrying out my routine that I was never listening to what the girl was saying and therefore the conversation would never go anywhere. For me, this was not the way to learn how to talk to girls.

It wasn't until I listened to an interview with a guy called David Wygant who explained the 3 keys to conversation. Now, David is a dating coach but he's different to the majority of pick-up artists or gurus out there in that he teaches you to attract women by being yourself! The first time I heard him speak, I immediately thought "I like this guy's no B.S. approach and I reckon he may be the man to help me learn how to talk to girls". He hates the often recommended pick up stuff like canned routines, being someone you're not, wearing leather trousers and leopard skin prints to get attention, etc. He promotes the idea that women are longing to meet strong, confident men and if you are one, women will be attracted to you.

Now you might be sat in front of your computer reading this, saying to yourself "but I'm not a strong, confident guy." Well, the good news is you can become one and I'm not talking about any "fake it to make it" baloney. I'm talking about genuinely becoming a guy who is confident around women who finds it natural and easy to talk to girls.

However, there is no magic bullet, you're going to have to do the work. If you want to learn how to talk to girls, you're going to have to practice and develop the skills guessed it...talking to girls! Well, talking to everybody actually.

In my next article 'How to talk to girls - the 3 keys to conversation' I will reveal the simple steps to get you started talking to and attracting girls. This might just be the first step to changing your life.

Are you ready to learn how to talk to girls?

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