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It All Starts With A Thought
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It All Starts With A Thought

I have read many books and listened to quite a few audio recording from lots of different sources who share their perspective about why we are here at this time on Planet Earth. The theory is that we as human beings are moving from a period of darkness to one of light where our true memory is rekindled and we discover the power that we humans really do have.

In a wonderful, but deep and difficult book to follow – the Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts, the author channels an energy called Seth. It was in this book back in the early 1990’s I was introduced to the concept that we create our reality completely by our thoughts. After that time a host of our channels started to appear in my life, P’Taah by Janie King, Orin by Sanaya Roman, Abraham by Esther Hicks, and Bashar by Darrel Anker.

It intrigued me that they all shared a similar message – your emotions are your guide and your thoughts will create the reality that you experience. Whilst I understood the message – putting this into daily life was not as easy as it sounds.

However over time and with awareness of my behaviour I started to see results. Synchronicities happen and with conscious and deliberate thought control, ie recognising negative thoughts and replacing them with something that I desired, my life started to take on a more positive and uplifting role.

I would think things and the phone would ring or an email would arrive! I needed new running shoes and thought that I would need to get a new pair soon. The next day at the gym a friend approached me and asked what size my foot was? Strange question I thought, then she expanded and said that her husband brought her back a pair on Nike’s from a recent trip to America but they were too big, she asked if I would like them. Yes, it’s that simple, this is how we create. Think of your desire and allow it to be delivered to you by the crack of least resistance.

So I hear you say, well if that’s the case where is my lottery win! I have been waiting to win this every week for the past 10 years! Well that will do it, noticing that you haven’t won and needing to win will actually prevent you from getting the big Jackpot. There is also the belief for which I am sure you’ve heard from your parents, Grandparents and peers, the one where you’re told that you have to work hard for everything in this life and that there’s no such thing as a free ride! Well that will also impact on your ability to create if you believe this to be true.

I have recently opened up an online shop and when I woke up this morning the first thing I did was checked my emails. There were several waiting and two of them where to alert me to the fact that there were issues with some customer orders. I didn’t get cross or frustrated, I looked at the problem and immediately said to myself “I need to change my thinking”. These events would not be occurring if I was more positively focused.

I no longer need to cast blame or judgement on anyone or anything; I understand that everything that I am experiencing in my reality is all my doing. If there is any lack or shortage being experienced in your life, ask yourself what your belief is toward this! Understand this concept, be very choosey about what you think, how you react to a situation and you have the ability change your world.

There is no better life than one where you lead by example. You don’t need to say anything, just be it and allow others ask you if you won the lottery. You can share this, I may not have won the money jacket pot but I did have a win. I understand the magic of personal creation and that is worth more than any lottery!

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Interesting! Our emotions and our thoughts certainly do impact our lives. Changing our thinking is a way to get our lives more positively focused. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  about 6 years ago
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