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Seven Spiritual Laws
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Seven Spiritual Laws

As I pondered what topic to write my next article, I randomly selected a book from my bookshelf. For the past twenty years I have been reading various publications on anything metaphysical. I fanned the pages of the chosen book; a piece of paper fell out into my hands. On this note were key points which I had jotted down at the time I read this book. I like to do this as it reinforces the key concepts and help me to assimilate the information. These beautiful words of wisdom had become a book mark. When I re-read the key points I just knew I was led to this and it feels just right to share these with you.

The book that I am referring to is the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra. The Laws are:

1. Law of Pure Potentiality:

Realise the potential of self and the world, meditate, practice the art of silence, and non-judgement

2. Law of Giving:

What you sow is what you reap, give and receive with love

3. Law of Cause and Effect:

Witness your choices and their consequences

4. Law of Least Effort:

Acceptance, responsibility,

5. Law of Intention and Desire

Accept the present, intention for the future

6. Law of Detachment

Accept the uncertainly of life, be alert and prepared, treat problems as seeds of opportunities

7. Law of Life Purpose

Do what you love with love, to help and serve others

On the very top of this note, written by me many years ago, in big letters was

“Keep pursuing the Dream; never lose sight of the big picture”

Wise guidance, when we keep our focus on a topic and combine this with the emotions of excitement and belief, the dream becomes a reality.

A summary of the key / pertinent points are

1. Thoughts are energy.

2. We exist on two planes, inside and outside – our external world reflects our internal world

3. Thoughts mixed with emotion attract similar vibrations from other people

4. The mind is a relay station sending and receiving thoughts

5. We can insert thoughts - positive and happy thoughts

6. We can control thoughts by acknowledging or dismissing them

7. We act and feel in accordance with what we imagine to be true about ourselves

There are so many wise counsels available to assist with our growth both on a physical and spiritual level. If we keep our heart and mind open to these laws only positive can flow back to into our existence. Whether you believe or not in the power of creation, living life by these laws can only bring in a life of contentment.

We are not human being have a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. It’s how we ‘play this game called life’. We aren’t here to win, we're here to experience!

Street Talk

Yes, the Universal will deliver exactly what you need at the perfect time. We only see what we believe, nice to know

  about 9 years ago

This is probably the 4th time I have seen Deepak's name this week. Is it a message? Thanks for the article.

  about 9 years ago

this is very very good stuff

  about 9 years ago

Very good article Marjolyn! We all have a God given special gift inside of us. Discover it and then follow the dream.

  about 9 years ago

A well-written and thought-provoking article, Marjolyn! I especially like the big-letter message you wrote at the top of the bookmark: "Keep pursuing the dream." As you said, if we believe with emotion and excitement, dreams can become a reality. It reminds me of the tagline attached to my favorite movie: "If you believe the impossible, the incredible can come true." Great job! :-)

  about 9 years ago

Thank you Bill, I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. Law of Attraction and the creation powers we were all born with is a topic very dear to my heart. It is amazing and delightful to watch when people are first presented with this information and the clarity and synchronicity that occurs when they embrace the theories, I love it.

  about 9 years ago
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