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The Law Of Attraction & Relationships - Using The Law Of Attraction For Improved Relationships
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The Law Of Attraction & Relationships   -   Using The Law Of Attraction For Improved Relationships

The Law of Attraction! It goes without saying that the keyword there being "attraction". The Law of Attraction can be applied to just about any aspect of your life and relationships is certainly no exception.

Perhaps you're looking to meet a long-term partner or maybe looking to rekindle that spark in an existing relationship. It may even be that you're just looking to build friendly relationships and meet new people. Whatever your reason for wanting improved relationships the Law of Attraction can help.

How to use the Law of Attraction for relationships

One of the fundamental steps for applying the Law of Attraction for relationships is to first learn to love yourself. How can you expect anyone else to love you if you don't love yourself first right?

Remember we attract that into our lives through which we think about and focus our emotions on most, if you lack love for yourself then you're only going to attract the same from others. On the other end of the spectrum if you learn to love yourself unconditionally (thwarts and all) then you'll naturally attract more of the same into your life from others.

Let's assume you're already in a relationship which is struggling and you lack the unconditional love for yourself mentioned. In fact imagine you're a negative person when it comes to evaluating yourself, always complaining how your life's not perfect, how you feel inadequate or inferior, what will your partner make of this? Sure they'll be understanding and supportive but you'll lose that respect and your partner will fall short of showing you the respect and love you both desire and deserve.

Focus on improving your strengths

If you doubt yourself, feel inadequate and generally hold a low opinion of yourself then you're focusing your energy in the wrong areas. STOP focusing on your weaknesses (we all have them) and focus instead on your strengths. If you're constantly beating yourself up over the areas you fall short in then your only going to have a negative impact on your manifestation efforts.

Make room for change

If you want to really boost your manifestation efforts for improved relationships then you need to adopt the belief of this reality in the NOW! You need to make room in your life for this change to take place, this rule applies to whatever purpose you're using the Law of Attraction for! Whether it be to manifest wealth, love, health you need to acknowledge this one important factor. Many over-look this fundamental principle when using the Law of Attraction and get stuck in the "one day it will happen" mentality.

For example, if you're wanting to bring a long-term partner into your life then you need to look at your current situation and ask yourself if you're ready to accommodate this person in your life. You need to adopt the mindset of expecting this other person to come into your life not hoping they will.

Remember as well that it's not only single people who can use the law of attraction for improved relationships. Some may be in relationships which are struggling and perhaps even unhealthy. The problem here is that most will blame the partner for this break-down in the relationship, although in certain circumstances such as an abusive relationship this may be true, but the real key is to accept responsibility.

What changed in the relationship? Perhaps your spouse had an affair, now no-one wants to hear this but why did your spouse have an affair? Is there not some form of responsibility on your part?

Another common break down in relationships is focusing on the attributes of your partner you may not agree with or dislike. However we all have our traits that aren't agreeable to others, by focusing on these negatives you're bound to develop negative thoughts regarding your partner and cause friction in the relationship. Much the same as how you need to learn to love yourself for better or for worse you also need to learn to love your partner in the same way.

Pinpoint their positive attributes, focus on the times where your partner more than proved their devotion to you. Doing so will help you take positives from the relationship and much better align your thoughts for manifestation purposes.

So in essence to use the Law of Attraction for improved relationships you need to FIRST learn to love yourself before you can expect anyone else to love you in the same way. Make room for the pending (not hopeful) change in your life of attracting a new partner. If you want to improve a current relationship then you need to work on both learning to love yourself and your partner.

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