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What Is The Law Of Attraction - Understanding This Powerful Law Of The Universe
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What Is The Law Of Attraction  -  Understanding This Powerful Law Of The Universe

The law of attraction is one of the universal laws that plays a significant role in the events and circumstances in in our lives.

As with every universal law the law of attraction is always at work and cannot or should not be ignored!

What is a universal law?

There are a number of universal laws which govern our lives and cannot be altered or changed in anyway.

Such laws like the law of cause and effect, the law of motion or one you're probably all to familiar with is the law of gravity.

So know you have a basic of idea of what the law of attraction is let's discuss how the law of attraction affects us and our lives.

The law of attraction states that we naturally manifest our desires by way of our thoughts, feelings and emotions whether we acknowledge it or not!

The easiest way to explain this without getting to scientific and overwhelming you with quantum physics is to imagine yourself as a giant magnet that's attracting to you the things you center your thoughts and feelings around most.

It's a natural phenomenon, a magnet that attracts metal doesn't forcefully try, it naturally draws in metals or in some cases even repels!

This is exactly the same for your thoughts and feelings, you're constantly radiating a "vibe" that carries a certain frequency. The universe responds by aligning to the frequency of the vibe you're radiating.

This is occurring every second of every day whether you're aware of it or not!

Even when you sleep you radiating a vibe on a subconscious level, although this doesn't have nearly as bigger impact as the vibe you radiate on a conscious level!

Most people aren't aware and probably never will be aware of just how powerful attractors they are. Those who do understand at least the basic concept behind the law of attraction though can use this powerful law of the universe to start naturally manifesting that which they desire.

Albert Einstein once famously quoted "Imagination is everything, it's a preview of life's coming attractions". This sums up the law of attraction for me, imagination and belief are the key ingredients that power the law of attraction.

Take a radio for example, there a various different stations you can tune into all on their own frequency. By simply aligning the dial of the radio to the correct frequency the radio receiver will pick up on the frequency and transmit the sound accordingly.

The same is true for your thoughts and feelings, if you're radiating positive vibes then you'll naturally attract more of those vibes back to you and of course negative vibes will naturally attract that back to you!

Scientist have actually measured thoughts and verify that each thought carries its own frequency! It's also important to know that EVERYTHING is comprised of energy and has a vibrational frequency.

When I say everything I mean EVERYTHING! From the smallest grain of sand here on planet earth to the space itself!

Using the law of attraction for manifesting desires is something that all of us are capable of doing. Some find it a lot more difficult than others but with practice you can control the vibrational frequency you're radiating and therefore use the law of attraction to your advantage.

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