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What Is The Universal Mind?
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What is the Universal Mind?

Have you ever had a thought flash into your mind that gave you the exact answer to a question you were working on? Have you ever been thinking about a person and then the next moment they call you? Have you ever wondered how some people can wake up whenever they want to within a minute without an alarm clock? These are all examples of uses of the Universal Mind. The Universal Mind (also known as the super-conscious mind or Source, among other names) can be thought of as the culmination or collective of all minds in existence.

If you were to compare yourself to a computer then your conscious mind would be equivalent to the computer processor. This is where you are in the present moment, make decisions, and calculate things. Your subconscious mind would be the equivalent of the computer's memory. This is where all your life experiences and memories are stored. There are techniques (like hypnotherapy) that allow you to access information that is stored in your subconscious mind. Now, if you were to take this a step further you can say that the Universal Mind would be equivalent to the internet that your computer connects to. This is where information that you would not normally think you could have access to becomes available. Like the internet, the Universal Mind is an unlimited source of information that can easily be downloaded to your conscious or subconscious mind in an instant.

There are many famous examples of people that accomplish incredible things by accessing the Universal Mind. If you ever saw the movie Amadeus it shows how Mozart wrote symphony after symphony on paper, note-for-note perfect, without corrections. He would say that the entire symphony would come into his mind and he would just translate or transcribe it onto paper as if he were taking dictation. People of the time would say that the music he wrote was the most beautiful music that they have ever heard. One of his pupils, Beethoven, also was said to have done this as most of his musical works were completed after he became completely deaf.

The Universal Mind responds strongly when you set goals for yourself. If you were to clearly define your problem and set a goal for yourself to solve this problem, the Universal Mind can and will get to work for you right away and will find the most efficient way for you to accomplish these goals. After you have set your intention it is best to not consciously dwell on it too much. Have you ever tried to think of something you forgot about (say the name of a person you met a year ago) and the more you try to think of the name it just won't come to you? Then after not thinking about it anymore, all of a sudden the name of the person will just shoot into your mind with perfect clarity? That is an example of the Universal Mind working - not your conscious mind.

I encourage you to seek out more information and look up videos on the Universal Mind and how it works. You will find that you will be able to advance your goals and attract the things you want.

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I love this article on the universal mind. You know your stuff sir! I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

  about 9 years ago

Thank you!!!!!

  about 9 years ago
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