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Why Most People Fail When Applying The Law Of Attraction!
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Why Most People Fail When Applying The Law Of Attraction!

If you're reading this article on how to effectively apply the law of attraction then it's safe to say you already have an understanding of the law of attraction and how it works.

This places you ahead of most as many have never even heard of the law of attraction let alone actually tried to apply it effectively.

So why is it most fail when trying to harness the power of this powerful universal law?

The problem I see for most people is that they fail to accept responsibility for their actions and refuse to accept that they are where they are in life because of their own actions!

We can blame others for our problems but we are only hurting our-selves in the long-run!

I want to share a story with you in this article that directly pinpoints this type of attitude mentally and the negative impact it had on one of my good friends life so hopefully you can learn the most important step in applying the law of attraction and adjust your way of thinking.

So my friend was happily married for over 6 years when cracks started to form in the relationship, It's worth noting that I know this situation well they are basically family and their beautiful daughter is my god-daughter.

Anyway after a strained period of a few months she had found happiness and comfort in another mans arms. It wasn't an affair as such as she had already moved out but was soon after their split-up!

My friends reaction to this situation was why has she left me for another man, shes this, shes that, I hate her e.t.c. He basically blamed the entire situation on her and refused to acknowledge that "something" had caused her to leave to begin with, she was clearly unhappy!

We had a lengthy discussion in which I stated that she had left and found happiness with another man because she was obviously unhappy in the relationship and if he was to ever understand and amend the situation then he needed to take on some responsibility and acknowledge that he had been contributing to her unhappiness.

It goes without saying that he didn't want to hear this! All of a sudden I was siding and I was the enemy. I calmly pointed out he needed to get a clearer picture of what led to her unhappiness.

What had changed between them? Could this situation not be amended and some passion restored between them?

Of course it could have but there needed to be change which was what my friend failed to see and acknowledge. Instead of thinking of her and why she was so unhappy, he allowed feelings of resentment and bitterness to consume him meaning he had little - NO chance of ever getting her back in his life (even though at that time there was still hope!)

It saddens me to say for the sake of my god daughter that they will now never be a couple again and she has officially moved on although they tried to rekindle the love and passion at one point.

So my friend failed to accept responsibility which unfortunately made a bad situation worse! I'm not siding with her or him, I stand neutral but I see both sides of the story, I understand what led her to become unhappy and move on.

Well that's a great story Ricky but what on earth has this got to do with applying the law of attraction.


The first and most crucial step in effectively using the law of attraction is to accept responsibility in your life. If you blame others and live in resentment and allow feelings of bitterness and blame to consume you then you will never make it past step one.

There's more to story but if you think my friend was right in solely blaming her as she was the one who left then you need to change your way of thinking!

If on the other hand you can see the bigger picture and know that actions led to consequences then you're in good stead to move forward and learn further steps for applying the law of attraction in your own life effectively.

I really can't emphasize enough the importance of accepting responsibility for your life, the universe responds to your chorus or vibe so to speak.

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