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The concept of a kid ATV (All-Terrain-Vehicle) has exploded the industry as of late. Parents who are fans of the sport often want to include their children in the fun without the risk of having the child ride pillion, and to also instill a love of ATVing in their offspring so that as they grow, it will be something they can share. In many instances of farmers, ranchers, or other families who work with large tracts of land, a kid ATV is necessary to teach the child the family’s livelihood. This, combined with the sheer joy that children get from zooming around on their very own child-sized ATV, has made the smaller vehicles very popular. However, parents also want their children to be safe on these mini-models.

ATVs have a reputation as being quite dangerous because unlike a car, when an accident occurs there is no external protection for the rider. This potential danger has prompted the makers of ATVs to add many different safety features to newer models of the kid ATV.

One of these features is the throttle control. This mechanism allows the adult in charge to set the throttle so that it cannot move above a certain speed. This control can be adjusted to higher speeds as the child grows more comfortable and gains skill at riding the ATV. Another handy feature is a rear cutoff string pull that can cut the engine. This concept is similar to that of the emergency stop string on a treadmill. Just pull it and the machine shuts down. This allows the child to ride along in front of the adult, and if the adult feels the child is going too fast, or if there is some other danger, he or she simply pulls the cord and the engine of the kid ATV in front will be shut off.

Many models also come with additional safety features such as a removable shifter that allows the adult to put the ATV in first gear and actually remove the gear shift so that it will not go any faster. These models will usually start in any gear, so there is no need to put the gear shift back on until the child is ready. In addition, the hand and foot brakes are usually quite large and easy to operate.

An ATV for a child is, by necessity, quite a bit smaller than the average adult version, with the smallest being meant for a child of about 4 or 5 years old. There are models available for each age group, however, and the larger a child’s ATV is, the faster it usually goes, which makes these safety features even more important. Though there is some risk involved in riding these vehicles and allowing your child to do the same, parents can rest easier with the effort manufacturers have put into their safety features. Using a kid ATV has never been safer than it is now.

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