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Auction One Forum  -  A Brand New Online Auction Site  -  Have Your Say Today!

So how many people do you know that is looking for a better alternative to ebay?

Well I'm here to tell you about a new online auction site to start up as that alternative, AuctionOne has all but finished setting up their site but is looking for members to join their online community forum. Everyone can have a say in how things will be run and what fee's will be charge and what will be allowed as well as the actual cost's.

If you have ever sold or bought on an auction website, you will know what features you would like to see and this is your chance to contribute, head over and comment or even start your own topic, who knows, you might even land a writers job or some other staff position.

Auction One is a brand new online auction site aimed to save sellers money on high fee's. We do not have any setup or final value fee's but instead are looking at offering a number of monthly membership options for users to sell their goods. All Sellers will also have to become a verified seller by paying a small fee before they will be able to sell.

Some topics for sellers already going are

Topic 1 - Monthly Memberships vs Standard Fee's -

We are very interested in every sellers input on this particular topic.

We have in place a subscription type membership where you as a seller can purchase a monthly subscription package with no other fee's associated to listing's except for the Home Page Featured Listing.

We are able to set such packages to allow our sellers to buy a subscription for certain amount of $ and be able to sell a certain amount of items per month.

IE: Standard Membership - 20 items, Price AUD $14.95, recurring every 30 Days. For example.

We are very keen to hear your thoughts on this type of system or whether the standard fee structure is a better option?

If a subscription type auction site sounds good, we would also be interested in hearing how many items you sell per month and how much you feel would be a good price?

Topic 2 - Catergories -

Categories are a very important part of any auction site and we want all our sellers to have a say in what the categories and sub-categories should be. You as a seller knows what items you are selling and therefore are our best chance of getting them right. Please tell us your suggestions on this very important topic.

Topic 3 - Featured Request's -

There is also a section for Buyers to talk and comment.

Go to AuctionOne for the actual web site or Here for the Forum site!


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