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Biomedical Treatment For Autism
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There are quite a few different ways to treat Autism. One of the newest, and most aggressive, is biomedical treatment. This type of treatment has made claims to actually “cure” Autism, or reduce symptoms so as to be unnoticeable. Patients who undergo this treatment will receive a thorough detoxification and will likely need to change their eating habits for their entire life. This treatment is not hugely popular as yet in the United States, but those who have chosen it say that it has changed everything for them.

Biomedical treatment is based on the belief that Autism is the immune system's reaction to certain toxins that the Autistic person’s body cannot cope with. Essentially, the Autistic person is born with a weakened or abnormal immune system that is not a problem in itself, but when presented with the various toxicities of life, it cannot function properly and thus the body becomes toxic and interferes with brain function and perception. The use of vaccinations has been blamed for many of these toxins as the Autistic person cannot cope with the introduction of such substances into their system and the system breaks down. Unfortunately, there is no way to test whether a person will have an Autistic (much like an allergic) reaction to the vaccination before it is introduced.

Often an Autistic person also will have a history of gastrointestinal problems, bacterial and viral infections, seizures, and repeated colds. Biomedical treatment works to cleanse the body of all toxins in the hopes of clearing the toxin that is causing the Autism. This cleanse includes chelation (removal of heavy metals) candida (or yeast) removal, adding supplements and vitamins (sometimes in large quantities), and usually by adopting a gluten and casein-free diet for life. There are many more toxins, mostly environmental, that need to be considered as well. These range from paint and cleaning agent fumes to a new carpet. A person who chooses biomedical treatment must be prepared for an entire lifestyle change in order to identify and eliminate the toxins causing Autistic symptoms.

By removing the offending toxins, it is hoped that the immune system will return to its regular state and not cause such a drastic interruption of brain signals (particularly those that control sensory interpretation). This in turn will allow the previously Autistic person a chance to receive accurate information from their brain and will no longer be bombarded by sensory confusion (the part of their brain that causes some Autistic behaviors). This treatment also improves general health, and undoubtedly presents relief to the patient even without obvious lessening of Autistic symptoms. Unfortunately in some cases, the immune system has suffered permanent damage that cannot be entirely reversed by biomedical treatment.

Though this treatment option has not had wide acceptance, it is rarely without some degree of success. Some Autistic people have been almost completely cured through this treatment although they must follow a strict diet and supplement regime their entire lives. With more people using this treatment and achieving noticeable results, biomedical treatment will most likely gain popularity in the years to come.

For more information about autism, treating autism, and children with autism, please visit my blog where I write about my experiences as the parent of a child with autism, and share my thoughts on raising children with special needs.

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This is a great article and support your idea 100%...since they have in the past few years found that cancer is cured by organic food (and the compound extracted also to take for cancer called salvestrol) I read and have read for years the journal of Orthomolecular Medicine which has many articles on this salvestrol ...It used to be called the Journal of Orthomolceular Psychiatry, it still has many scientific articles on this kind of treatment...I am so glad to hear there is one for autism...a great totally natural treatment to become healthy again....

  about 1 decade ago
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