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Canada's Looming Health Care Crises
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As Health Care plans go, Canada's plan is rated near the top of the heap, but does it really go the distance? There are thousands of Autistic children out there who are cared for by very loving parents who are able to give them the care and loving comfort that they both need and deserve. The health care plan aids these families the best that they can at what they deem as a reasonable cost.

What happens to these wholly dependent children when their parents reach the age of 60 and beyond? When they become to weak and possibly infirm to provide the care that these children so badly need and deserve. The government is saying that they can not do anything to help these children when they become adults. The cost of housing and caring for these young adults is cost prohibitive and they have seemingly declined any responsibility for their ongoing well being.

We can all understand that the care of these young adults comes at great expense and the government claims that they just do not have the necessary funds to cover these additional costs. It seems strange that a country as rich as Canada can not afford to look after it's own. Just recently an article has appeared in the national media which just may shed some light on the lack of funding for this the forgotten sector of our population.

On the 30th of April, 2013, the Auditor General announced that he could not find any records of the $3.1 Billion, in Government spending.

To my way of thinking that $3.1 Billion, which seems to mysteriously disappeared would go an awful long way towards providing the loving care that these forgotten citizens desperately require. Not only would it provide the care and devotion that these individuals require but it would also relieve the stress and anxiety that the aging parents are being subjected to.

Other Countries such as the UK and other European Countries seem to able to provide that care for their own citizens without bankrupting their Countries. So come on Canada get with it and do the right thing. Your citizens will truly appreciate it. A little more attention payed to your record keeping practices and more details to your budget goals will go a long way.

Today Canada is one of the richest Countries in the world. We are well respected and looked up to by the vast majority of the World's Nations. A shining example for the third world countries and emerging nations. Lets pull up our socks and put in a much greater effort to keep National Pride intact.

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Did not know Canada was having problems in this area. Bummer.

  about 9 years ago
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