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The Story Of A Parent Raising An Autistic Child
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The Story of a Parent Raising an Autistic Child

Three years ago, Kim and Ian went into a state of shock as they found their beautiful loving son, Micah, locked in his own mind. Like many other parents whose children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, they felt scared, disbelief, and uncertain of their son’s future.

Like many other autistic kids, the early signs were his obsession of putting things in order and his inability to express himself. He often reacted in violence, even over things that is laughable and seemed not sleeping at all.

The first year, they spent times praying and searching for possible cure.

But things have changed, just a year later, they’re thankful for much of ASD information they received from a reliable source because “Without it,” Kim relieved, “Mike may still be bouncing from doctors to doctors, lost in cycle of misdiagnosis, and missing out on the care and treatment he rightfully needs.”

Now, he’s making great improvements and is learning more and more of the world around him, and started to respond to verbal commands after just a few short months of treatment. And they're going to witness more.

This parent have decided to go forward

Have you ever wondered, as I have, how this parent was able to move past the shock of their son’s diagnosis? It’s not their patience nor has their positive thinking played a big part, for autism has taken a lot of tolls on them.

It wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen instantly. They have learnt by time, to step away from their emotions and took a real hard stare at their son, and decide the now and the future. It's not going to be easy. At times, and even still now, they felt so angry having had a son who was promising but delayed in his own time. But everytime that feeling occur, they look at their son with tears of hope.

If you consider yourself a loving parent, there probably will never be another critical moment for you as now. When you find yourselves frustrated or angry of your autistic child, STOP, and think about how your child would feel; what is it like for him or her? This is when you realize that you must pull yourself together. You can’t let them down; you have to be there and be there strong, and do what’s best for your child.

What made the difference?

As for Kim and Ian, they have learned, and continuously learning through Autism Symptoms & Treatments Guide, to cope with challenges raising their autistic son, Micah. So what made the difference for them in raising their autistic child?

The answer of course: knowledge, accurate knowledge and its application.

If you have never read Autism Symptoms & Treatments Guide, you cannot imagine how useful it can be for you.

Much of the information that appears in the guide appears nowhere else. Symptoms of ASDs range from mild to severe. As a result, each child ~ and family ~ has a unique set of challenges coping with autism. Learn more of your challenges coping with autism because your child’s future depends heavily on you.

Send for this guide because there is a vision in it of you and your child's future.

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