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Cheap Ways To Increase Horsepower
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Over time your vehicle may start to fill sluggish or weak. What most people don't realize is by doing some basic maintenance they can restore their vehicles performance. There are some cheap ways to increase horsepower. The more miles you have on your ride, the more critical it is to keep up on the little stuff.

If you haven't changed out your air filter in a really long time then you need to do so asap. The motor needs to breath so it can run effeciently. The air filter should be changed out every two or three oil changes. Think about the last time you choked on some food and couldn't breath, well that is how your motor feels with a really dirty air filter. For an investment of less than 20 dollars it can make a difference in your performance and more importantly gas mileage. With gas price's as high as they are saving some money will help everyone out.

Changing out your spark plugs will increase horsepower because over time they get whats called carbon buildup on the tips. When this happens the spark plug will "foul out" and not do the job it's designed to do. Spark plugs aren't very expensive and are easy to change out. If you need someone else to change them out for you it will not cost an arm and a leg. Just about every local mechanic shop can do this task because it falls under basic maintenance. I suggest shopping around and see who can do it the cheapest.

Spark plug wires are just as important as the plug itself. The wire carries the voltage to the plug. When the wires become old and worn out they stop doing their job. When this happens you'll have a lot of fuel going straight out the tail pipe making your car perform poorly.

Keeping your fuel system clean is very important. Just like the air the motor needs a steady flow of fuel. Fuel now-a-days comes from a variety of different place's which means a lot of contamination can get in it. There is also a lot of setiment buildup in gas tanks. I have a friend who filled up his gas tank one day and the gas pump was full of water. In the end the gas station paid for the repairs but it was a big headache for him. There are lots of gas additives that will do a good job keeping your fuel system clean, as long as they are used all the time. You can also take the vehicle in and have the fuel system flushed. Most newer cars are fuel injected and the injectors need to stay clean.

Staying on top of the basics is key to keeping your car running good. When the car is running sluggish that means you have lost a lot of horsepower. Learning basic maintenace will keep your vehicle performing it's best. You won't turn your car into a dragster but you can restore it back to straight from the factory feel.

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If your car is running sluggish, the gas mileage is suffering as well. Keeping Fuel System clean is the best way to go!

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