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Convertible Cars Are Fun To Tool Around
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Are you in love with the convertible?  It's an awesome way to tool around town.  Your convertible car draws lots of attention from the girls.  However, there has to be more than just the car.  Maybe you have a beautiful convertible car, white with red interior or black is a great color too.  Remembering back when you had a convertible is always fun to do.

My first job with a big bank brings back many memories.  One thing that jumps up is seeing the boss driving his black Ford covertible with black interior, black top.  You might say he had a BLACK car with so much attention draw from the women it was rather interesting for all the men in the bank.  Maybe it was ego or simply all the men were jealous of the chief.

Ironically, there was something special about the way Mr. W... traded for his new black Ford convertible with the local dealership.  He told his bank sidekick [bank custodian] about making sure the salesman earned a 10% commission on his purchase of the car.  Interestingly, that concern by the big boss has stuck with me for many years.  As a matter of fact, some people think I'm a big tipper when I leave the waitress a 20 or 25% tip for good service in a restaurant.  It's very important to my bride and me that our excellent service at a restaurant is rewarded.  Even when service is only good or fair, not the best, we leave a good tip knowing that our waitress may be having a bad day.

When you hear about you boss being the exception rather than the norm, usually meaning he/she drives a hard bargain, it's refreshing to know good people are everywhere around us.  Yes, setting a good example for your employees is simply good business.  It always comes back to you.  Your employees respect your actions,  but more important, many will follow your lead and do the same out of a desire to show trust and integrity in their own actions when buying a car, even a home in their future.

Now, did you notice something important. It's the BIG boss, usually the guy with money, setting a precedence and good leadership for the bank.  Maybe you're thinking that HE has the cash, he can afford it better than you can.  You'd leave a big tip too if you were as rich, right?  Remember, there will always be someone with more money, probably lots of folks in your circle of friends.  It's a challenge to be very generous when you're struggling and your paycheck is too small.  I understand.

In my past, 2 convertibles were a joy.  My bride and I started out dating in a white Ford convertible with a red interior.  Both of us loved it and had a great time tooling around together.  A few years ago, we had a green 40th edition [1993] Corvette convertible car that we traded for an 06 Corvette T-top which had a much better [softer] ride.  Looks great too.... black outside and inside too.  Love it!

These things [Corvettes, convertible cars too] are not cheap.  One reason we encourage everyone to join us in building a home based business is more cash, more fun, tax free benefits too, you can turn into your new Corvette convertible, maybe you prefer the BMW, not a bad choice.  Today, I'd like to trade up to a new BMW or MB [you know!] so we began a Plan B with Kyle and Carson.  You can too if you want more cash to buy a new convertible.  Join us.  We'd love to have you.    




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