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Craigslist Is The Only Way To Sell A Used Vehicle
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I recently had a vehicle that I needed to sell. It was in good shape, low miles and priced well below bluebook value. I just wasn't getting any responses to it, until I listed it under Craigslist cars. From there, it practically sold itself.

A black 1997 Jeep wrangler, fully loaded, 4x4, tow package you name it! Low miles 76000 of them. Clear title. And I was only asking two thirds of the book value.

I had done all of the usual things one does when you have a vehicle you need to sell. For Sale sign, ad in the local news paper, and another in a classified ads publication. In fact, I had spent nearly one hundred dollars on listings. After two weeks I'd only had two phone call about it. This wasn't adding up, it should have been gone within the first week. I wasn't sure what else I should do. When I talked about it with a friend of mine, she laughed. Why didn't you go to Craigslist? It's free to list a car" she asked me. I don't know why, I guess it hadn't really occurred to me.

I listed my Jeep in Craigslist that very hour. In less than another hour my phone started to ring. People asking all sorts of specific questions about my Jeep and arranging to come see it. I had three people come test drive it that day. I simply couldn't believe how fast the response was, nor how many responses I was getting.

More attention in a single afternoon than in the previous two weeks! Just from using Craigslist! Who could have guessed? Apparently my friend did. She laughed even more when I called to tell her about the days events.

The next morning a man turned up to take it for a spin. He was thrilled, this was exactly what he was looking for, a project for he and his son to turn into an extreme off road jeep. He payed me in cash, my full asking price! He even brought his own paper work. All he wanted from me was the title, my signature and the key. I gave him just that, then happily pocketed the money while I watched him drive off down the road. We were each pleased with how the sale had turned out. Especially me because within twenty four hours of listing it on Craigslist cars, my jeep was quickly sold. This is how selling a vehicle should go. Good car, low price, and a quick sale. Everybody wins! I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I had to have someone else tell me about this, I should have already known.

I decided that day that I was never going to use my local classified ads again. They proved to be the most ineffective, not to mention expensive, option I had available. From now on, anytime I need to sell something I'm going to use Craigslist. I've even begun to entertain ideas of buying and selling cars on crags list just to earn a little extra income.

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