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How To Get Better Gas Milage
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How to Get Better Gas Milage

Gas prices keep rising, and they don't seem to be stopping any time soon. In addition, scientists warn that we must dramatically reduce our impact on the ecosystem, as we aren't doing it any good. Learning some simple techniques to get better gas milage seems to be a real no brainer - why anyone would want to spend more money and pollute the environment more then necessary is a bit beyond me! Here are some simple techniques that you will find help improve your gas milage.

They're a little deceptive, and that's because they're real simple. Promise me that you won't just read these tips, and forget about them when you jump into your car next time, okay? Write them out and stick them on your dashboard if necessary.

Change Your Commuting Time. This might not be that practical for a lot of people. But if there's any way you can avoid sitting in jams, see if you could make it work. Perhaps if you decided to get into town half an hour earlier you could visit the library or enjoy a drink at the cafe. Shifting your commuting time so that it's away from all the crazy rush hour traffic makes a lot of sense if you're able to do it.

Drive Smoothly. I think every knows erratic driving is bad for fuel economy. Accelerate a bit slower, and try to brake as little as possible. Now I'm not saying that you have to drive away from the lights at a snail's pace. All you have to do is consider your habits, and do the bare minimum to achieve the desired results.

Turn off the Music. When I drive with music, I notice that I forget what I'm doing. I go into corners too fast, I brake too soon, I accelerate quicker. When I turn the music off I'm able to focus more on my driving, and make it smoother and more efficient. Now I love driving with music so I've tried very hard to keep the lessons learnt from when I'm not listening.

Use the AC at Higher Speeds. Most people say you should turn off the AC - and that's true. But if you really need to cool your car and you're travelling at high speed it's actually more efficient to use the air conditioner then it is to open the windows. Pretty odd, eh. Of course, if you don't need to cool the air, turn the AC off if you don't need it, since it does suck power and waste fuel.

Of course these tips are nothing if you do nothing about them. I encourage you to read as many tips as you can, and then choose to implement as many as you practically feel able to. As I said above, write them on a slip of paper and stick them on your dashboard if you feel you're going to forget. And get that gas milage down!

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