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Looking After Your Waterproof Car Cover
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Waterproof Car Cover Care

Looking after your waterproof car cover is very important. There are several ways in which your cover can be dirtied and the longer you leave the chore of cleaning it, will determine how long you spend cleaning it. So what can dirty your car?


If it is used to wrap your car outdoors, it will get dirty. No two ways about it. If it has rained and dried, there will be a thin film of residue. Rain water is clean up to a point. All rain droplets have some small particles of dirt in them. Left untreated this can eventually lead to the build up of mould or mildew and if left for longer even a layer of moss can form.... your own little eco-system. Even indoor covers will require cleaning at some stage.  


Also as the rain hits the ground around your car, it will splash dirt off the drive onto the cover.

Dreaded Bird Bombs

And then there's always the chance that some birds have been playing target practice with your waterproof car cover...not a pleasant thought but it happens more often than you think. 

Four Legged Fouling

I'm not joking! This happens but very occasionally. Think rodents and occasional dogs.

Combatative Strategies

Number 1. You've bought a waterproof car cover for a reason. To protect your car. Your asset. Whether you have a classic or a clapped out banger, it has a perceived value in your eyes. So much so that you want to protect that value. So cleaning, and indeed, protecting that value should be a joy to you...not a chore.   

Lets take the splashback. Try parking the car away from the lawn or garden area where, if the rain is substantial, it can throw up soil particles. If the car is on concrete, try brushing (I mean vigorously) around the car to remove loose particles of dirt. Or even better, get a vacuum cleaner to do this. When it rains, there will be less dirt particles to splash onto to the waterproof car cover.

As for the birds...(I like birds)... if the fouling is happening regularly, try to find out what species of birds they are. They may be protected and you will have to consult with a bird protection society. If you can try moving your car, move it. It may be that your on the direct flight path to their nest.  

Now for the four legged foulers...they can only be there for one thing. No, they don't want to take you car for a spin. They know there's food about. Make sure your food rubbish is sealed, binned and secure. Don't attract these vermin. Take care with your rubbish.

Cleaning Tips

You probably got some tips from the salesman when you bought your water proof car covert or there may be some instructions attached to the waterproof car cover itself. Pay attention to these.

I find it helpful to remove as much dirt as possible before the proper wash. This entails a good bucket of water,  with some disinfectant and some washing up liquid and a good old sturdy brush.

Look to see if it is machine washable? If so, great!  Throw it into the washing machine and hey presto! 

If not, will another bucket of clean water thown onto the cover do. Probably not. Will a jet wash do...maybe.

It depends how long you've left the waterproof car cover between washes. If the dirt has visibly caked, (shame on you),  take the cover off and crunch it. Remove as much caking as possible and then brush-wash it. Put the waterproof car cover back on the car and jet wash.

The most important tip I can give you is, to do a little but often. This way, a wipe down with a damp cloth will usually do the trick.

Happy cleaning 








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